Juniper’s Training Log – 03.22.2015

Week ending 03/22/2015

Despite the teensy weensy set-back of giving myself shin splints, this was a fairly solid (oxymoron?) training week. Yes, I gave myself shin splints, something I haven’t had to deal with in years because I usually know better. A series of not well planned out decisions led to that, and I have no one to blame but myself. However, I am happy to report my leg is feeling much better, and I hope to be back running on Tuesday. Here’s how my “fairly solid” week broke down.

CrossFit has left its mark on me: band bruises on the left, power clean bruises on the right…and I love it!
Band bruises on the left, power clean bruises on the right: good thing it’s still long sleeves and pants season.

Monday: CrossFit and Run

Though I did the scaled version of the WOD, it was still an intense session for me. I did my back squat at 85 lbs., and though not an increase for me, that was only the second time I’ve done them, so I was happy with being able to remain at the same weight and do as many as I did. The second half of the WOD was the most challenging aspect. I did Power Cleans – a skill I am still working on – at 45 lbs., push-ups assisted with the band, and dips using an 18-in box. It felt it was a tough workout, so I can’t imagine how challenged the others felt doing the regular WOD. Though I was feeling beat, it was about 65 degrees outside after class, so I couldn’t pass up going for a run. I did a quick 2-mile out-and-back in my old Fairview Park stomping grounds. Bonus points: I woke up the next day with some gnarly looking bruises on my triceps from using the band with my push-ups. I immediately swore to never use that band again.

Tuesday: Intervals

As race season approaches, it’s time for more focused run workouts, so I started my week with some intervals on the track after my girls wrapped up practice. I did a ladder of 400, 800, 1200, 800, 400 while maintaining a 7:30-8:30 min. pace. I averaged around a 7:50, so I was pretty happy with that for my first go at it this season. I was feeling a little sore after that – definite foreshadowing.

Wednesday: Hill Repeats and CrossFit

Well, this was for sure the day I pushed myself too hard. My weekly total mileage was only supposed to be 7, and I was already at 5.5 after Tuesday’s intervals; however, I had to run with the girls during track practice because I was running them off campus…and we were doing hill repeats, my absolute FAVORITE (<– that “not well planned out decision” I mentioned)! We ran about 1 mile to a hill around the corner from the school, then did 8 sprinting hill repeats on a fairly steep incline. We ran back, and then did an additional 400 on the track to warm down. All told, the girls and I ran close to 3.5 miles, which is a lot for sprinters. It was a solid endurance run, and I was very proud of them for keeping up with it. I then headed to CTOWN for probably my weakest WOD performance yet. I was so cashed from the hill repeats and the interval work on Tuesday, and it showed. My shins and calves were already burning, and I knew I was toast. I barely eeked out my scaled Russian kettle-bell swings, pull-ups, and weighted sit-ups. In short: I was a screaming hot mess. In case you lost count, total miles for the week: 9 (That’s two more than what I planned, and in three days no less. Ugh!)

Thursday: Off, thank God!

Never have I been so happy to have a day off. I basically said the same thing last week, but this time I REALLY felt grateful. My legs were killing me, I was exhausted, and I was grumpy. Ain’t no one got time for that.

Friday: CrossFit

My legs felt slightly better, and I figured I could still do the WOD since I wouldn’t be running. I already knew what the workout was going to be, and I knew I could muscle my way through it relatively leg-pain free. Unfortunately, I got in my head a little too much, and I scaled my workout a little low. I did manage to finally do push-ups sans band, and instead did knee push-ups off of a 20-in box. Still, I only added 10 lbs. to my power cleans, and I know I could’ve done more. After the WOD, Cody showed me how to roll out my shins, and though it hurt like a b****, it helped quite a bit. Huzzah, Cody!

Saturday: CrossFit

My legs felt much

better, but I decided to play it smart and not do my planned trail run. Instead, I crashed the Saturday morning class for fun times with wall balls, ring rows, and burpees! The workout was actually a lot of fun since we got to complete it with a partner, and I felt that I made up for my shortcomings the day prior.

Sunday: Bike

My husband and I spent the entire day running errands, so I only managed a 33 (yes, 33) minute bike ride on the trainer. I tried to make up for the fact that it was a short ride by dialing up the gears. I’m just hardcore like that.

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