Jasmine’s Training on the Treadmill Log – 2.8.15

My new employer. Office even has showers, which changes everything.

What’s it like for a sub-elite runner training almost exclusively on a treadmill?  This training cycle we’re featuring Jasmine as she works toward a sub-3-hour marathon by hitting the ‘mill instead of hitting the road!

I just got back from a stressful weekend in Michigan. If you’ve been following along, you’ve read about me taking a new job in the suburbs of Detroit, which adds a whole new challenge in the middle of a training cycle. This weekend I went to do some scouting so I am ready to find a place to live, so I can start to finalize my relocation plans. All of this is going to happen in 2 weeks! Man, this is a stressful experience. Everything about it is stressful. Just what I need smack in the middle of marathon training!


Finding a good place to live is critical to my happiness. I need somewhere that is conducive to training. I’m finding there is nothing about any of the apartments that are going to make me happy. So I’m broadening my housing search. I did some searching and found a little lake house I’m interested in. It’s 2.5 miles from my office, a 6 minute drive. It has two decks and a dock. The house is nothing special or fancy, it is just one version of paradise I appreciate: close to my office, one mile from the freeway, and most importantly, within short running distance to a park with lots and lots of trails!

The one in the middle is the one I’m interested in.
From the deck into the backyard  and over the lake you can see a state park with trails and mountain biking and cross country skiing. Awesome. I have to follow up some more leads, but at least I'm finding stuff that is starting to feel like a version of home to me.
From the deck into the backyard and over the lake you can see a state park with trails and mountain biking and cross country skiing. Awesome.

But this is really an update on my Pittsburgh marathon training mostly on a treadmill. We’ll get back to the moving topic soon. True to the theme, Monday through Friday I was inside on a treadmill. Then this weekend, I ran outside Saturday and Sunday on my trip to Michigan. Saturday, I went into downtown Detroit to meet the Run Detroit group. Sunday I went to the Hanson Running store in Lake Orion for what turned out to be 14 miles of  beautiful hilly [frozen] dirt roads. The Hanson group was much more my style. I felt more at home with them. Not quite as much as my Cleveland group yet, but like the guys I ran with on Saturday. I even left with a running buddy phone number!

Not the be-bop-bop Hansons, the running Hansons!
Not the mmm-bop Hansons, the running Hansons!

Monday: 5 miles easy then 5 miles easy. 10 total

Tuesday: Progressive easy range run. 10 miles around 8:00/mi average

Wednesday: LT cruise interval workout 4×10 minutes at 9.4 mph. I had to slightly reduce the incline from 1.5% to 1% partway through. I screwed up the third interval and took a minute rest and then started it over. Last rest was close to 2 minutes.  All-in-all, I got the purpose of out of it. 10 miles total

Thursday 12 miles watching this stupid movie I found on Netflix called The Interview. I’m probably the only one who had never seen a trailer for it. Progressive averaging roughly around 8:00/mi.

Friday I put in 8 MP miles watching Californication. Yeah, it was so good I started it over again.  Warmup, 8mi at 8.8mph at 1%, cool down. 10 miles total.

Saturday in Downtown Detroit outside. I went with the group in the front and took it kinda hard. 10 miles at 7:17/mi ave.

Sunday at the Lake Orion Hanson store for 14 miles of beautiful hilly snowy miles. This was fantastic. Strava says 7:19/mi ave.

Week total: 76 miles
Year total: 180 miles

And that’s a wrap. I made it back home Sunday night, drove down a street lined with trees that are 50 to 100 years old, pulled into my attached two-car garage with my bike hanging from the ceiling, and realized how much I like everything about where I live. It is going to be really hard to leave. After two stressful and frustrating days of driving around and looking at apartments I don’t like and don’t appreciate, I found two areas that feel like something special to me: the part of Novi around Walled Lake, and Northville. The Walled Lake area is on a lake two miles from my new office and is even convenient to the freeways and populated shopping areas. Northville is full of rolling park and a beautiful little downtown. There were people everywhere. The sledding hill was full of kids. It’s really going to be hard to leave!


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I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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  1. Good luck with your move. I am impressed that you are already trying out groups to run with!

    I am very impressed with your strength, speed and ability to handle high mileage. I have noticed that about half of your miles are more speed oriented (MP or faster, vs easy miles) and was wondering if you have a view on the percentage of miles that should be easy vs speed/hard. I ask in part because a few months ago, I finished Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 running and have been experimenting with running about 80 percent of my miles “easy,” which he claims helps one race faster. Would love to see this topic addressed in a blog post or roundtable at some point.

    1. I really only think 20% of my miles are fast. In 70-80 miles I’ll do 10 MP, and then up to 6 miles at LT or interval pace. that is about 20% of total mileage. Long runs are generally about half-way between easy and MP. So that is somewhere in the 7:30-7:20/mi-ish range, and in the last season, I limited those to 16 miles.

      This weekend I just went and had fun, but really I try to run 3 quality days per week consisting of MP, I or LT, and long.

      We’ve talked about some of the Fitzgerald books in the back channels while planning articles. Anything in particular stand out?

    2. Oh yeah, and the thing is that I need to make this place feel like home as quickly as possible or I won’t be happy. I might as well be working on it during my scouting trips.

  2. Thanks for these thoughts. I forget that as a faster runner you have a different definition of “fast” than I do (for me, anything faster than 7:45 is “fast” running). About Fitzgerald, I was just curious whether you and others thought limiting fast mileage to 20% of total volume lead to faster training and racing. For myself, I have noticed it leaves me less on a knife’s edge of injury, and that I can perform a lot better in a quality workout if I run VERY easy the previous day. But I don’t know yet whether it will leads to faster racing, as my next marathon is in late May.

    On a related note, I have started always putting two easy days before every hard workout and it has helped a lot with pace improvement and injury prevention. I now schedule my quality workouts M-Th-Sun one week and Wed-Sat the next week. The Northern Arizona elite team posts their training blogs online and a number of their members keep a similar schedule.

    1. In Hanson’s Marathon Method, Luke writes about separating quality workout days with easy days between, but without really letting up on mileage. Jack Daniels writes somewhere in his book about doing a workout the day after cross country races on one of his teams. There are lots of theories out there. The best one is the one you’ll actually do.

  3. I’m running Pittsburgh this year, and noticed you in the associated Strava group…after which I recognized your name from the “Rt. 6 to Strawberry Lane” segment leaderboard. I’m doing a lot of treadmill work getting ready for Pittsburgh, as well, and your impressive training regimen (and results) are very inspiring. Former CWRU and EE grad, as well. Happy training from here on out!

  4. Michigan is awesome in the spring, summer and fall, I promise. 🙂 What did you think of the Run Detroit group? I usually have my son on Saturday mornings, but occasionally I don’t, and I’d like to try to check it out sometime.