Jasmine’s training log – Pittsburgh through [the day after] Memorial Day

I’d say let’s pick up the Monday after the race, but I got nothing… I guess  except a quick bike to get ice cream. Basically it was on the sidewalk so I didn’t get killed on the streets in Michigan (where bikes and pedestrians are pests). Basically it doesn’t count. So we’ll start the first weekend. Quick dirty (and boring). Hey it can’t always be interesting.

Weekend: Pittsburgh + 1 week

Saturday: after lugging my road bike to and from Michigan, I took it out at home and was reminded all the reasons I’m not moving to Michigan. (I’m now one of those people who commute 25,000 miles per year!)

Sunday: Another ride of about 25 miles to River road. I know you don’t know where that is. Just call it road bike heaven.

By the way, road biking scares the shit out of me. It is hard to adjust back to that after running.

Weekend: Pittsburgh + 2 weeks

Saturday: Ride to Chagrin Falls including the hill that goes straight up that they roll pumpkins down. It was nice. This was 9 years, 365 days since I was hit by a car in Pepper Pike while running. I biked to the spot to take pictures like I do every year.

Sunday: was the Cleveland Marathon. I rode bike support for the handcycle race, and ran into Salty and Ginger.

Annual visit to the spot where I was hit by a car.
Annual visit to the spot where I was hit by a car.

Weekend: Pittsburgh + 3 weeks = Memorial Day weekend 

Saturday: Finally a return to running 10 mile run on some of my favorite streets. Downhill out and uphill back. I was fine for the first five miles and then everything was sore. I’ll live. By the way, I’m pretty sure my broken foot is broken.

Sunday:  5 miles in Beachwood Park and then off to the boat to kick off sailing season with a practice race.

Monday: Met the gang in the wood to run  what I think was some of the burning river 100 race course. 10 miles in the woods slow and fun

Tuesday, 4:29am: ’cause that is how we roll when the goal is to leave home by 6:30am to drive back to work. Anyway, it was a beautiful 5 miles in Beachwood park before sunrise.

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