Jasmine’s Live-From-Belgium Training Log – 3.8.2015

Belgium is the home of exquisite chocolate, beer and frites! Flickr image by leff.

If you’ve been following along with my training, you know I committed to training to PR (sub-2:58) at the Pittsburgh Marathon this May. When I registered for the race I assumed the biggest obstacle to my success would be my inability to tolerate the cold of outdoor running in the winter.

Well, running the vast majority of miles on the treadmill seems completely insignificant to changing jobs and moving to a new state! If that wasn’t enough, the new job sent me to Belgium. I’ll be reporting live from Belgium for the next four weeks! First stop is Ieper for our business creation meeting. It is going to be a good week. I can’t wait to see where the local terrain takes me

But first, we’ll start back in Michigan on.

Monday Don’t adjust your displays. That’s not a GPS error. I ran across the middle of a frozen lake because it was there.  10mi


Don't adjust your monitors. That wasn't a GPS error. That was me running across a frozen lake
Don’t adjust your monitors. That wasn’t a GPS error. That was me running across a frozen lake
Totally Unreal Belgium
View from the  middle of the lake. Ice road runners!


Tuesday, I left my office and headed south to try to find the trail along the freeway. Conditions were awful. it started snowing and I couldn’t see patches of ice anymore and had to give up About 9 awful miles.

Wednesday it warmed up to about thirty degrees. I headed out to Hines park to try some marathon pace miles on unfamiliar terrain. I parked at the Plymouth Riverside Station park and headed east. After a quick warmup, I took off close to 6:40 pace. I turned around at 3 miles and stopped at my care for a quick water and gel stop at mile 6.5. This turned into a 10 mile MP run, and it felt pretty good. Good things might be coming. 0.5 mi warmup, 10 mi MP(6:42/mi), 1 mi cool down

Home base for some whoop ass MP miles. (technically I took this picture on Saturday last week, but this bathroom hut was my starting point)
Home base for some whoop ass MP miles. (technically I took this picture on Saturday last week, but this bathroom hut was my starting point)

Thursday, I was back at a gym, a different I Hate Gym. Thursday and Friday, I gave Powerhouse Gym a try. Much better that Lifetime … well at least it is less weird. This was an easy range progression run totaling 10 miles.

Friday, back at Powerhouse Gym for some more easy miles. Warmup then 8:00/mi pace, and a few last miles at 7:30 pace. I went directly to the office to shower there because we were going to see a customer.

Friday Afternoon I drove home to Cleveland, walked into my own clean staged amazing house, and then………….

Saturday, I got to go running on my home turf! Running at home sweet sweet sweet home It is as amazing as it sounds. I ran my favorite roads in Pepper Pike, Beachwood, and Shaker Heights.  16 miles at 7:30/mi, and calling it a long run.

Home sweet sweet sweet home
Home sweet sweet sweet home

Then saturday evening, I started the long journey to Ieper, Belgium. I saved my copy of last month’s Running Times for reading on the plane. Ohare to Zurich, I popped 25mg ambien, two bottles of wine, and slept for 7 hours.

Sunday afternoon…….FIRST RUN IN BELGIUM! I kept it to a quick 5 miles before dinner. But seriously, oh my god! This place is unreal. It is beautiful. It is flat. it is 55 degrees. Cars stop for you even before you make it to the intersection. Unreal! . I may have to save  up and do a photo essay on the running turf. I ran in ski mittens yesterday. Today it was a sports bra.

Totally Unreal belgium
Totally Unreal belgium

That’s a wrap
Week Total 72.5 mi
Year Total: 667

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  1. It has been years since I visited Belgium but I still remember how lovely it was.
    Here’s to running in Europe – Starting next week I’ll be spending two weeks running in France and the Czech Republic! I’m looking forward to ditching the winter running gear too