Jasmine’s training log 9.6.2015

I slipped a little bit this week, primarily due to the INSANELY hot weather. The week totaled 83 miles, and the only workout I feel like noting is 16 miles in less than two hours on Saturday. It currently looks like the next day it will be cool enough to attempt a workout will be Thursday. Sometimes the weather makes the rules. Hang tight till then.

Monday, an attempt at cruise intervals ends at mile 3.

Tuesday doubles at Dani’s Dodge Park workout ends at mile 1.5. I had enough within minutes

Wednesday  evening was the Hanson first wednesday 5k race series. It was a bazillion degrees and tropical in Michigan. But we were very luck and about a half hour before the race, it poured. That brought the temperature into the tropical seventies, and we started in the final drizzle. No high school cross country kids today to be pussies on the first mile. I let the high school boys set the pace on the first mile last month and they took it way to slow. I got 6:07 at mile one, which shocked be because I thought we were doing closer to 6:18. The park was wet and there is a twenty feet of a passage through the bushes to get  into and out of the park. I got 6:14 for mile two. 6:04 on mile three, and I thought I was slowing down to stay under control. Final time 18:59.5 in warm humid conditions on wet roads. There is a lot to be gained next time just from better race conditions.

I had been on Allegra and Claritin for a few days and was waiting to finally take same pseudoephedrine after the race. Remember, pseudoephedrine is banned in competition. So for two days, the pack had my name on it.  After the results officially went up, I finally took out the package and swallowed two pills.  This is the qualifying time for Dexter to Ann Arbor. No cheating.

Thursday, my attempt at a hot humid MP workout ended in a meltdown at mile 3. I tried to break up the remaining miles but couldn’t even repeat another three miles, cut my losses, and walked back.

Saturday, I went to Peninsula (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) where everyone goes saturday morning and did my own thing. This week it was my classic staple long run workout: 16 miles slightly progressive in less than two hours. It was warm and that beat me up. I stood around with Paula and Tracy and then we all went home to shower and cry about the heat. The park was busy by 9am. It looked like a lot of people had gone out to run and got beat up by the hot weather.

Sunday with Laura and her gang.

That’s a wrap.

Who am I going to see in Erie on Sunday? (Besideds Fox and Cheryl)

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