Jasmines training log: 8.30.2015

It is the thirtieth of August, right? Monday I had to share the John Carroll stadiumย with the (I assume freshman) women’s soccer team. Folks, if you ever go shopping for houses, make sure your list of amenities includes a turfย track across the street. Though the funny thing is that I’ve tracked a lot of those fake dirt particles into my house from the football field.

In two weeks. I’m heading to Erie, Pennsylvania to watch Jennifer Fox race a sub-3-hour marathon. Who else am I going to see there?

This was a 93 mile week and included 3×2 mile cruise intervals, 10 mile MP at at a surprisingly fast pace, and a 20 mile long run on the Akron Marathon course. 7 weeks out from Columbus.

I think the snack to thank for a good MP this week is chocolate chip cookie and rum lime yogurt.
I think the snack to thank for a good MP this week is chocolate chip cookie and rum lime yogurt.

Monday. 2 mile warmup. 2x3200m (about two mile) at LT with 1:30 rests, 2 mile cooldown. 1st at 12:31 (6:18/mi), 2nd at 12:20 (6:12/mi), 3rd at 12:28 (6:16/mi).

Tuesday: Morning 12 mile followed by evening screwing around at the Hanson community speed workout.

Thursday. Amazing. 2 mile warmup then 10 miles at MP. The first lap came in at 5:45, which is about 5 seconds slower than I wanted. So I picked up the pace. Second lap was 5:28, and then I couldn’t get the pace settled down. Time was 1:05:06 for 10 miles (GPS claims 6:27/mi). It was about 55 degrees. Conditions were perfect. This was a confidence builder.

Saturday. 20 miles on the Akron Marathon course. 7:30/mi pace not including a few brief “where the heck do we go now” stops. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but this course is less challenging than the last course, though I don’t like it. It is really boring.


I’m now sitting watching the World’s Strongest Man on TV because that is all that is on broadcast. Do you think this sport drug tests?

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