Jasmine’s training log 8.23.2015

91 miles this week, and in the moment I closed the training week this morning before going to sailing, I ran my 2000th mile of the year. Things are coming together. It was another week that came together. MP was slightly slow under humid conditions, but I made it through. Cruise intervals totaled 6 miles. The target is a 2:53 marathon (VDOT 56: M@6:37/mi, T@6:15/mi)

I’m more or less doing the same thing as I was doing in the second phase of training last year. Training weeks contain 3 quality runs: cruise intervals ideally totaling 6 miles, 10 mile MP, long run of or not much more than 16 miles. 16 miles might not sound like a normal marathon training long run, but I still manage to hit 90 miles in a week. Though this time I’m running the easy stuff much easier. In the Hanson system, long runs are supposed to be paced about halfway between MP and easy. Though this cycle I’m running them easy. Actually, they have been socal runs in the woods that I tag another 6-8 miles onto.

I am concerned that I’m again going to peak about 2-3 weeks early. things are going well, but it only counts if I can hold my shit together for another 8 weeks. I asked Dani want to do and she suggested to add more time between workouts. MP workouts are so important to me that I don’t know folks. I’m up for suggestions. I also think I’m going to end up moving my detroit lodging around soon. That is going to add stress. I don’t want to give up my hilly, wooded Bloomfield Township running territory, but it would be nice to be somewhere more stable much closer to my office and have a foam bed. The apartment I looked at is right next to a relatively nice turf track with a vegetarian roommate.

Screwing around at Dani Miller's Hanson speed workout in Dodge Park on Tuesday night.
Screwing around at Dani Miller’s Hanson speed workout in Dodge Park on Tuesday night.

And that is enough blabber

Monday: 2 mile warmup, 4x2400m @ T with 1:30 rests, 2 mile cool down. Intervals were supposed to come in at 9:20/2400m, and I was pretty close to on pace.

Tuesday: 12 in the morning and 5 easy with the Hanson run club in the evening

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Thursday: 2 mile warmup, 10 miles at marathon pace under humid conditions, mile cool down. MP come in slightly slow, we’ll excuse that for the humidity and still call this pretty good.

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Saturday: 10 miles in the park with Steve’s gang. We ran CVNP Ledges, which I’ve never seen before. Incredible. Totally incredible! then I tagged on another 8 miles to make it a 18 mile long run

Week total: 91 miles. (plus about 660 in my car. Yeah that sucks.)

Year to date: 2000 miles.

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  1. You rock (I dream of 90 mile weeks)! I agree that the GMP runs are super important. Might help if you could get in two easy/recovery days between the threshold work and GMP run.