Jasmine’s training log 7.26.2015. Status: In-season

Anything interesting to report? I guess so. Time to update status.

Status: in-season.      Columbus….It’s on.  (or at least I’m thinking Columbus)

So, this was a 74 mile week and included a 16 mile run on the Burning River 100 race course watching Cilantro race the last ten miles…..and a MP workout with 6 miles at what will probably be target sub 6:40 pace. The dream is 6:35 pace, but well see how it shakes out over the next three months. Long runs are still in my easy range and MP was only 6 miles, but I if I hold it together, I’m way ahead of where I was this time last year.

Last week was fifty-something miles, and the week before seventy something (including two sixteen mile runs).  My strava calendar has all the days marked out for at minimum the last month… all good things

Let’s recap the exciting events of the week.

Monday I went to go see Leo. He is our Cleveland sports medicine pro runner chiropractor guy. The cleveland gang made sure I made an appointment with Leo after going to a guy in Michigan who I didn’t like. We can be candid on this site because we don’t shill for profit. The guy I didn’t like in Michigan is Clint Verran. I didn’t like Clint at all. He had an attitude problem. It really stood out when he said something like, “I could give you exercises to do that you’re not going to want to do, but you’re a good candidate for orthotics. I’ll sell them to you at a bargain price…” They don’t fit in my shoes. There wasn’t an improvement. Instead, they just gave me blisters. The insurance claims I saw so far were unreasonably excessive. I just wasn’t happy. I get the impression his practice exists to mostly sell really expensive orthotics. This isn’t an official review yet.

I hung out with the Hasnon organized community workout on Tuesday. I did my own thing instead of the workout.

Friday had some MP miles

Saturday and Sunday a bunch of us went to watch and support Cilantro’s Burning River 100 race. Stay turned for her updates. I did my runs on the course on Saturday and Sunday.

That’s a wrap. See you next week.

Year to date: 1665 miles.



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