Jasmine’s training log 12.28.2014

The  biggest factor that separates the subelites from everyone else is that they train consistently without excuses. This week, I was in the British Virgin Islands sailing with my parents, sisters, and their husbands/boyfriends. I was here sailing almost ten years ago and remembered this country being very hilly, hot and almost un-run-able. I know that sounds like a rich white girl problem, until dinghy by an obscene number of 150ft yachts where they pay other people to run for them.  Amazingly I came up with 74 miles of running this week — no doubles.

Docked at Peter Island after a fantastic run
Docked at Peter Island after a fantastic run

So last week I mentioned Miami Half Marathon. Sunday night (a week ago), I received the e-mail that I made Miami Marathon’s half subelite field. It is pretty exciting. I have to see if it is going to work. I don’t want to risk any real impact on Pittsburgh training or getting injured. I have to check out flights and that stuff to see if I can even make it to Miami or if the sporadic airline pricing game disfavors Miami right now.  Salty thinks I should be making an attempt at like 1:25-ish. I think I should be attempting my VDOT 54’s prodicted 1:27-ish. Half of the previous races were run under unfavorable weather conditions. Race day weather is out of everyone’s control. 

Hilly Caribbean running…Here we go….

Monday morning in St. Thomas, US VI, I took advantage of the only flat stretch of road I would see for the next week to do some cruise intervals in hot humid conditions. Warmup, 2mi, then 1mi, then 1mi, and I gave up. T-pace  at VDOT 54 is 6:25/mi. Went to watch a cruise ship dock. 8.4mi, 7:51/mi

Tuesday morning, on our boat on the moorings base and headed out on the main street heading east. It poured, it was hilly, and there were lots of blind passes. Where I came from, we call that fun. 10.4mi, 1,181ft, 8:38/mi

Wednesday I woke up on Peter Island. I warmed up on the resort road, then headed to the treadmill to try a half-marathon pace workout. I got in three miles and gave up. Next I headed up Peter Island’s gravel road for a wonderful, hilly, hard run around the island and back the resort. The trail is steep and has some 30% grade sections.  About 10 miles and 2000ft.

Laundry on a boat
Laundry on a boat

Thursday, I woke up at Virgin Gorda Yach Harbor and ran from Spanish Town to The Baths, Copper Mine, and along the atlantic side of Virgin Gorda. It rained again. I ran the harbor to The Baths like ten years ago. I am in such better shape now. 10.1mi, 8:33/mi. 

Friday I woke up at Levrick Bay, which is like at the base of a tropical island mountain. I headed up to Gorda Peak National Park and ran some really hard trail through the woods to the very top. Then I did something stupid and heded down the other side and got lost in the process. I was out there for like 2:45 and was had a meltdown around mile 10. Yes even I have meltdowns. The run has some really steep roads. There was some hiking up hills on the way back. 14.0mi, 3,501ft (yeah, that’s accurate), 10:23/mi

Saturday I ran at Levrick Bay again. This time I ran about 2 miles up to Gorda Peak at about 1200ft again to get the the only stretch of runnable road and then ran easy one mile repeats on it. I took a moment to stop on one of the observation decks to stop and watch sunrise over the atlantic ocean. 11.1mi, 2,538ft, 9:33/mi.

Sunday morning I woke up on a sailboat moored at Normal Island. About thirty minutes before sunrise, I took the dinghy to shore. Norman islands has no roads, and no inhabitants. There is really nothing on this island except a restaurant on the beach. Norman island is an example of if you care enough, you’ll make it work. I ran like ten repeats on a small stretch of rocky service road between the restaurant and it’s service dock. 10.0mi, 1,726ft, 8:25/mi.

And that’s a subelite training week on vacation on a sailboat. If you care enough, you make it work.
Week Total 74 mi
Year Total: 2765 mi
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  1. Congrats on the Miami acceptance, and big hats off too logging some solid miles on vacay! As for Salty’s opinion on what you can shoot for in the HM, she does tend to be a very good influence on sand-baggers like me. In my experience, her ideas about what you can achieve are pretty accurate–as long as you’re willing to suffer (A LOT) more to get there. 🙂

    1. A 127 is way too conservative. Remember the whole go big thing? But seriously, go there and race your ass off whatever the end time is. Don’t worry about it so much. As a wise coach often reminds me, “just run.”