Jasmine’s training log 11.8.2015

I also met Shorty's older sibling Longy at Costco.
I also met Shorty’s older sibling Longy at Costco.

Sorry guys,ย I have to defer my training logs till at least next week. This week had some personal meltdowns and I just don’t want to write my training logs. But I did get to hang out with Salty and go to one of the local parks I have never seen before.

I guess all I can say about the running this week is that I’m comfortably in offseason.

See you next week. .j.

I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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  1. Enjoy the well-deserved rest! I chose a warm bed with dog curled up against me over cold, dark run this morning.