Jasmine’s training log 11.23.2014

I like having to write my training logs every week. It makes me actually think one more time about what I did that week.  I don’t have anything exciting to show this week. Monday-Saturday was on a Treadmill. I think it snowed at least one day… It is sad that snow is already is winter and I can’t even remember the last time it snowed. It was supposed to warm up on Saturday, but the day started out with freezing rain, so I ran inside. I can’t complain. I watched the cross country championships while I ran and cheer for my fantasy team. The NCAA D1 coverage was really good — like as good as a major marathon with cameras on the lead vehicles, announcers, and live results. Sunday, It was nice (in comparison to the rest of the week). I ran 10 miles outside. You’ll see Catnip post our fantasy scores any day now.

Akron Marathon announced a new course for 2015

Pittsburgh marathon elite registration officially opened. The new elite director is seems to have his sights on making this a national level elite development race (like Grandma’s and Indiana Monumental).  Akron Marathon announced a new course, which I think removed the two 12% hills, but sadly also removed the part through the metroparks.

Gear and Toys: I ordered a used Suunto Ambit 2s to play with. The goal is to find a watch with more accurate pacing (ambit 2s has a SiRFstarIV chip-set with an accelerometer. I was impressed with the SiRFstarIV GPS hardware I for some product prototype testing earlier this year, so I thought it was worth a try)  If I didn’t say anything last week, I ran in Feetures wool light quarter socks in the snow last week. I really liked them. My regular socks are Feetures ultra light low cut socks.

What I’m watching on the treadmill this week: Alpha House (amazon prime). I finished it, so I’ll be looking for a new series for the winter.

Now for the really boring training log:

Monday 5 miles treadmill easy

Tuesday 5 miles treadmill easy

Wednesday 5 miles treadmill easy

Thursday 5.5 miles treadmill including 4 miles at marathon pace (8.8mph)

Friday 5 miles treadmill easy

Saturday 10 miles treadmill easy (7.5mph)

Sunday 10 miles outside 7:44/mi. Don’t tell doc, but I did this without my knee brace. It is so uncomfortable to run in, I couldn’t do it.

Week total: 45.7 miles
Year total: 2468 Miles, Strava!


I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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  1. Does the treadmill bother different muscles than running outside for you? I have issues with my hip flexors and it bands on the mill when I go from ~zero miles to ~all miles on the mill.

  2. No. Now that I “don’t suck,” and am willing to turn my treadmill up to my real easy pace around 7.5mph, I notice that my hip extension and all the things that go with it are close enough to the real thing. Treadmills just feels harder for some reason. Remember, I mentioned that most of my treadmill miles put in last winter were really slow — like 6mph. There are a lot of things I like about treadmill running. I’m turning up the speed as much as I can to get use to it feeling normal. After all, I plan to start a real race training cycle on this thing in January.

    I’ve read other people say to use a heart rate monitor to fine tune your indoor pacing and strategy to resemble your outdoor pacing and training strategy. I stopped using a heart rate monitor in August, so I don’t have any data to use as a baseline. Anyone have any tips for me to take in to consideration?