Jasmine’s training log 11.1.2015

Sunday was the NY marathon party. Go, go our salty runners.
Sunday was the NY marathon party. Go, go our salty runners.

So as of today I’m two weeks past Columbus. I had some great thoughts about extending my season with a double, but that was only if I made the qualifying times… and I didn’t. So my fall season ended at Columbus. The Hansons ODP runners take two weeks off after major races. It is a principal that even makes the training plan in the Hanson Marathon Method book we normal people use. The point is that I had grand plans of taking a full two weeks off… and actually only took five of it. I resumed recovery runs last weekend with Salty. 

Sunday was the NY marathon party. Go, go our salty runners.

In other updates for the week, the Hanson ODP team ran at the Phily half marathon on Sunday. Melanie got her OTQ qualifying half time. My hero, Dani, ran 1:16:28.

Also, with the announcement of the next generation of Garmin Forerunners, the 220 and 620 have dropped to rock bottom prices on Ebay. You can pick up a 620 for under $175. If you have been shopping for this stuff, check it out. The stuff one generation older like the 310xt and 610 are really cheap. But because ANT+ is a nightmare, I can’t recommend the 310xt or 610 it if you care about data transfer to an online log.

Finally, to the training logs. Recovery running a fortnight past Columbus looked like this:

Sunday Oct 18: Race day

Monday-Friday: off

Saturday: run with Salty 6 miles

Sunday: 4 miles

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 3-5 miles of easy stuff

Thursday and Friday: I missed because I preferred to sleep in.

Saturday: I went with Salty to hang on the trails with some of her trail running girls

Sunday: An easy 6 miles before the NY Marathon party.

I think that makes about 37 miles total in the last 9 days.


Also, I have some things about Columbus I thought of in the last two weeks. I’ll tag these into a fortnight update in the bottom of the race report. One of the things I didn’t mention is that I put steroids on my crotch when I was getting ready so I didn’t have to worry about it itching during the race. (I used Fluocinolone Acetonide cream). I’ve been wearing a knee brace for the last two weeks because I was worried that I sprained my right MCL during that race. Two weeks later, it feels alright, but because treatment is no big deal, I’ll continue to use the knee brace for another few weeks (when I walk around, not when I run).

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