Jasmine’s Training Log 10.5.2014

The big deal this week was running a 16 mile “race simulator” workout Wednesday. Basically, it is just 16 miles at marathon pace on terrain similar to the race course. I used my parents’ nearly [but not completely] flat street and started at 6:15am. These are the lessons I learned:

  • I really missed pace on the first mile. Lesson: Include some MP in warmup.
  • First few miles felt really hard. Lesson: Stick it out. It started to feel less aggressive around mile 6 or 7. Last mile and a half or so felt hard.
  • Foot Pod pacing doesn’t work at all. Lesson: Don’t attempt to use it again. Stick with crappy GPS pacing and use a measured course.
  • 3xGu, roughly miles 6.5, 11, 14. First two were chocolate (20mg caffeine). Last one was blackberry (40mg). Lesson: They were really hard to get out of my pockets with cold hands. I actually dropped the last one and had to pick it up.  Maybe orient them upright. I really haven’t use this stuff in training, but I’ll need it to race so this was good practice.
  • I grabbed 4 water bottles. I have no idea how much water I swallowed.  Maybe a reasonable estimate is about 400-500ml. Lesson: Be less concerned about water bottles and water on the course than I was two months ago. Try using the real race water bottles next week.

This was a tough run. It is supposed to be, yet it is still tame enough that it can be run in the middle of a training week. Most importantly it was a big confidence booster. This workout is NOT in the Hanson plan, so don’t let it scare you away from that plan.

Monday was a standard cruise interval workout. I ran the Hanson 4×1.5mi “strength” workout using the Daniels’ VDOT 53 threshold pace of 6:32/mi and 1 minute rests. (different pace and rest than described in Hanson’s training plan).1.5mi warmup, 3x2mi@T(6:32/mi) w/1min rest, 2.5mi cool down

Tuesday was easy miles. 10.0mi, 8:38/mi

Wednesday I went to my parents’ street to run my 16 mile race simulator workout. That was a big confidence booster. 1.1mi warmup, 16.2mi@M(6:52/mi), 1.1 mi cooldown with my really slow mother (It doesn’t matter. she gets credit for being out there every day).

Thursday slow and easy recovery so I could be comfortable going back on schedule Friday 7mi, 9:10/mi

Friday was the most beautiful morning of the year. Really. I enjoyed it with some easy miles. 10.2mi, 7:52/mi

Saturday was somewhat cold and windy. I took my easy miles too fast. Oh well. 10.2mi, 7:26/mi

Sunday was actually cold and windy (and dark when you start well before sunrise) It was my last long run before race day, so I had to suck it up. There was a glove change stop, a poo stop, and even a sunglass stop. Then off to sailing, which was cold and windy. This was one of those days when sailing was most definitely a sport. 16.3mi, 7:41/mi

Week total: 82 miles, total time 10:39
Year-to-date running: 2187 mi
T-minus Race: 2 weeks till The Columbus Marathon
My detailed training logs are on Strava

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  1. Strong week and great goal race pace workout! It looks like you are going for a 2 week taper – very interested in hearing how it works for you!

    1. Ten day actually. My last substantial run is a 10 mi marathon pace Wednesday (plus warmup cool down, Thursday as backup plan). That is how Hanson’s plan does it. Then easy miles from then on out.