Jasmine’s training log 10.4.2015

Ugh guys, it was forty degrees and raining on Saturday morning so I had to do my long run on a treadmill. I’ll do anything to avoid a repeat of that epic freezing rain workout last year with Salty! But This was my last long run before Columbus and I had to get it done right. That’s right: suck it up and listen to my treadmill squeak for two and a half hours. It was so awful that I had to drink wine and make cookies afterward.

cookies. COOKIES! Chocolate Chip cookies!
cookies. COOKIES! Chocolate Chip cookies!

Those are Trader Joe cut-and-bakes. Give me a break (haha, get it?). They are still very good real butter and egg cookies.

I also did my makeup one day this week. It is so rare these days. Jennifer said, “we all probably wouldn’t recognize each other in dresses w/our hair down and makeup onon – or in any non-running attire, for that matter!”

Makeup Day!
Makeup Day!

I know, it is hard to believe that any of us do anything but run and bitch about the weather.


And every once in a while, I have to prove that I still can remember that I know how to do my own makeup.


Back to the rest of the week.  Monday morning I was back on the track running cruise intervals. This week’s 4×1.5mi were kind of all over the place. I’d call 60 degrees and humid sorta warm, but they happened. I worked half a day on Monday. I had some personal things to do and I was more productive attending virtual meetings from home.  I  drove back to Michigan for work on Tuesday morning after running at 4:45am.

Guess what! That stupid deer carcass is still in the same place on I-275. It has been at least ten weeks. Come on Pure Michigan. Clean your shit up.

Yeah, same spot. I-275 northbound at mile 0. Why did the deer try to cross the road? Does it really matter?
Yeah, same spot. I-275 northbound at mile 0. Why did the deer try to cross the road? Does it really matter?

Back into the fun stuff. Doubles with Hanson Run Club with Dani Miller at Dodge Park tuesday night.


Thursday was MP workout day. Typically I do 10 miles at marathon pace, but I felt so good after ten miles this week, I added a surprise bonus loop.  If everything comes together, this is going to be a fabulous race.

Meanwhile back in Shaker Heights, Ohio there is 12 gallons of wine and 6 gallons of pear cider fermenting away.

I also tried one of these this week. I like it much more than the dense foam roller. Actually, anything would be better than the dense foam roller. I always feel like I’m about to rip my MCL when I use the foam roller. Something about this thing felt better. 12112660_10203596492111418_242781038_o

That’s it. 92 miles this week.  We’re coming up on the tail end of training. 3 days of hard shit left then it is all down hill. Who am I going to see in Columbus?

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