Jasmine’s Training Update: Back in the USA

Belgium running
Belgium running

Alright folks. I owe you an update. In fact I owe you several weeks of updates, this is just a teaser. For the last few weeks I’ve owed Salty an article… something… anything. I’ve kind of been stuck because I don’t know what to write. So I’m just going to dive right in from where I am right now.

Coming up in the not-too-distant future will be some features on what it was like to train in Belgium for a month, and what it is like to be three weeks out from a marathon you know you’re going to bomb. Oh, maybe we should back up to that last comment. 

The mileage was stacking up in Belgium. I even hit my peak at 84 miles. The terrain was awesome. The MP and LT workouts just weren’t going as planned. I still haven’t had a good LT workout (aka Cruise Intervals) in over two months.

I flew back home April 4th, ran that weekend with my cleveland running gang, and headed back to michigan monday morning. After a week back in Michigan, I had a meltdown and at 4pm on Friday drove home so that I could attempt MP on home turf exactly like last season.  I literally drove 186 miles to run in circles on my parents’ street (and see them, and spoil my sister’s dog, all that stuff too), and you know what: It was the first good MP run in months. 6:40 pace for 10 miles with water bottle practice, and it felt like marathon pace.

One good workout in two months isn’t reassuring. It makes me nervous — like that one good workout was a fluke. Monday morning, I started my day at 4am, went across street to my home track to attempt cruise intervals that quickly turned into a recovery run. And I drove back to michigan to be showered and at my desk around 9:30.

Closing thoughts for this update

I got on the scale at home and I’ve gained 7 pounds over what I was when I ran my PR in Columbus! I’m fit enough to be in 2:55 marathon shape if I had my shit together, another six weeks, and a flat course with perfect conditions. But that’s not how this works. I have three weeks to show up in pittsburgh uninjured, rested, fueled, and come up with a race plan slightly more conservative than the 2:55 I was targeting.

Trip home from Belgium in pictures

(we’ll get back to belgium. It deserves its own article)

What I did with my three hour layover and why I almost missed my flight home yesterday. Worth it?
What I did with my three hour layover and why I almost missed my flight home. Worth it?
Then one drunk flight over the ocean later, I was home. I vaguely remember asking for a lot of alcohol on that flight. 
Then one drunk flight over the ocean later, I was home. I vaguely remember asking for a lot of alcohol on that flight.

I exchanged (by post) Belgian chocolate for virginia beer with The Fast Fox.



And went to go celebrate being back in America with Michigan Runner Alison by doing the most american thing I know of: Go to Costco! What else? I was nice to see Coke-a-cola sold in bottles larger than 4 ounces again.

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  1. Just relax! You gain a lot of confidence from hard data and that’s hard to get when you can’t micromanage your training as you were able to do last time. But fantastic races happen off of imperfect training. 10 miles at 6:40 pace even just once a cycle sounds very promising to me. Relax and see where this cycle takes you! I bet farther than you fear 🙂

    1. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. I think the right attitude is show up and see what I learn from it. But first, we get to watch all of our friends race in Boston.