Jasmine Training Log 11.02.2014

I took a few more days completely off because there is no point in getting injured in an off-season. I changed my mind about trying to fit in a fall half marathon and instead decided this would be a good time to look at mechanics, strength training, and start putting together a prospective race season for spring that I can train for properly. I want to be in a position to go after a 2:50 race  in the fall.

Winter. I have a subelite application in for Miami in January. (Half-marathon)
Spring. I’m considering Glass City Toledo Marathon and Pittsburgh Marathon. Pittsburgh is the top of my list. I was offered an “American Development” entry spot for it and have plans to go bike the Pittsburgh course in two weeks. Dexter-to-Ann Arbor. half-marathon or 10k. This is just a really cool part of the Midwest.
Fall. Doesn’t matter yet, but it will likely either be Columbus or Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Monday-Thursday: Days off.

Friday I started looking at strength training excercises and shot some video. From the side, hip extension and flexion looks pretty good, but the back view gives the real story: Poor hip abduction, foot crossover and lots of torsion upon landing. I’m sure it got wore this year. The wear patters on my shoes got worse as the season went on.
Video: Easy Speed 7mph (side and back)
Video: Marathon Speed 8.8mph, 6:50/mi (side and back)
Video: Interval Speed (barely faster than 5K speed), 10mph, 6:00/mi (side and back)

Saturday. 5 treadmill miles total. About two miles with video focusing on mechanics and then three more miles watching TV.

Sunday I resumed training with treadmill Intervals — while watching NYC marathon pregame show. warmup, 5x1000m@I (10.1mph,0.5%), recovery, easy miles. 9 mi total. This was the first time I’ve ever run intervals on a treadmill and were the first intervals I’ve run in over two months. It was sort of cool to set the speed and not have to think about pacing. I also feel like they went by faster.

Totals: 4 days off, 14 miles run.

I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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  1. The videos were really interesting Jasmine! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I recently had a gait analysis done (same sort of thing – video from front, back and side but we did them outside since I know my gait is different on a treadmill) and I have weak hip muscles so I’m collapsing more in my pelvis on each foot plant. So I’ve got some (ok, many) PT exercises to try and improve hip strength. I also have limited dorsiflexion in my ankle and very tight calves/soleus which is causing a bit more pronation and overloading my lower legs. So I’ve got some work to do in strengthening/stretching and trying to improve those things before my mileage really climbs. I’m looking forward to hearing about what exercises you incorporate to address your imbalances as well!

    1. Salty and I both read Brian Martin’s book. The book provides the simplest and most complete summary of running mechanics I’ve seen yet, but I found it unfortunately didn’t lead to anything actionable in the later chapters. Salty agreed. I have a hard time piecing together a list of drills, a potential list of exercises into something actionable I can do several times a week and get something out of.

      What I am really looking for is something like Insanity* or P90x that presents in in way that feels interactive and guides me through a set of running specific strength training and drills while I follow along.

      Anyway, the suspect MCL injury of about 4 weeks ago (I’ve run 200 miles on it since then) hasn’t gone away on its own yet, which I would expect by now. So I’ve set up a sports medicine appointment to rule out anything that requires intervention before I do something stupid. No point in getting injured in an off-season.

      (* I don’t think that highly of insanity as an exercise program, but its format is engaging and clear. That is what I like)