Jasmine training log 1.18.2015

Last week with the SERC gang, I discussed how I needed practice holding my shit together for extended periods of time — like race length periods of time. I started coming up with ideas to put on my workout radar over the next couple of weeks. The first one was Monday. My idea is to combined these with LT workouts so they serve double purpose without consuming their own quality day. Basically, I’ve been using cruise intervals exclusively for LT workouts, and maybe I could try other LT workouts that stress holding everything together longer between rests.

Measuring treadmill belt length for making speed calculations
Measuring treadmill belt length for making speed calculations

Friday I was out of town for some exciting personal reason I hope to expand on soon. I’ll ask for advice as it relates to running, probably beginning next week. I tried to meet a track club in another state on Thursday night, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. Maybe next time.

Saturday when I was bored, I checked treadmill calibration. I measured incline at 1.7% when the treadmill was set for 2% and found speed to be accurate enough. It was going 8.76mph when set for 8.8mph.

The big screen

I do a lot of running on a treadmill. Maybe it would be fun to just mention what I’ve been watching and what is coming up next in my Netflix/Amazon/Internet/DVD/etc. queue.

I’ve been watching Californication (Netflix). I absolutely love it. It’s one of my favorite TV shows ever. I’m in the last season, so it will be over soon. Episodes are about 27 minutes, so 3 episodes perfectly fit an hour and twenty minute run.

Checking incline calibration.
Checking incline calibration.

Next up is Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon).

I’ve also been watching music videos on Youtube and Blu-Ray concerts. The most recent were Pink’s Melbourne show and Billy Joel’s Shea Stadium show.

Week in review

Remember, in winter most of my running is on a treadmill.

Monday, I invented a double-purpose workout for both LT and practice “holding my shit together for 20 minutes at a time.”
Warmup then 20 minutes at 9.4mph, 10 minutes easy, then turned up a notch for another 20 minutes at 9.5mph. Finally a cool down for 10 miles total.

Tuesday recover miles, 10mi, 8:40/mi

Wednesday, intervals. I started them then as I started the third, I had to stop to grease my crotch before I broke something. I missed recover time and pulled the plug and went to cool down.

Wednesday Night recovery 3.2mi , 8:42/mi

Thursday. Easy leaving room for a second run that didn’t happen. 7mi at 8:09/mi

I had high ambitions of running in the evening with a track club in another state. Despite my best efforts to get this right, I picked the option that just didn’t work out. I couldn’t find them. Oh well. I got hangrey and went to have dinner instead blowing off an evening run and check into the hotel

Friday: 11.8miles on a broken sole F80 in a hotel. I can’t really complain…. Making it work no matter what. I was forced to substute speed for incline and did 90 minutes at 8mph (after warmup).

Saturday I slept in and then ran inside in the morning despite the nice weather later in the day. 10 miles

Sunday with the SERC gang outside in beautiful Solon, Ohio– beginning in freezing rain and eventually clearing up. I went easy with the pack in the back and did some pacing for Barb at the end. 12.3mi, 8:39/mi

Then I hung out in the bagel shop and eagerly awaited Louisiana Marathon results and the Camomile’s first place finish. She done us all proud.

Week total: 69.5mi
Year total: 183 mi



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