Jasmine Training Log 01.25.2015

Off to Belgium, the land of Chocolate, beer, and automatic weapons. (and yes, this is the this is a box of the Christmas chocolate we get from them as customers -- It's the real deal)
Off to Belgium, the land of Chocolate, beer, and automatic weapons. (and yes, this is the this is a box of the Christmas chocolate we get from them as customers — It’s the real deal)

Exciting news part one: I’m about to take a job offer as an applications engineer for an automotive semiconductor supplier (The one I’ve been a customer of for the last two years) and move to the suburbs of Detroit This is a Belgium  based company. They even have a company triathlon, and I heard they take it seriously.

I’m looking for tips (even smart-ass ones), anything is helpful, on the topics of:
  • looking for an area to live with running and road biking out my front door.
  • calling the a running stores to see what wisdom comes from it
  • How do I go about finding the local elite women and subelite men?
  • roommate or rental situation when I’m bringing a treadmill and plan on using it at 6am.

I’ll write about what I’ve learned of these things after I’ve actually learned something.

Then to spice this up even more, the job has about 20% travel. Travel adds a whole new element to the concept of consistency. It all starts with them sending me to Belgium for a month in March for a business meeting and training. They know I need to be back with a couple consistent and predictable weeks before the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 3rd.

Exciting news part two: I think I just caught overtraining before it developed into a problem. I’m reporting that here so I am held accountable for either three days off minimum or 1-2 really easy weeks before resuming any quality. Two clues set this warning off:

  • asymmetrical cramping and fatigue showed up at the second mile of a marathon pace quality run and I felt like I was going to get injured if I didn’t stop. It went away when I slowed down.
  • My easy speed has been slowing down and fatigue shows up in easy runs.

This was exciting news because it is better than getting injured. I am also suspicious that I don’t handle doubles well even though I’m at the same weekly volume. I’m going to drop them.

Monday morning: 3.4 mi 8:05/mi

Monday evening: LT “holding my shit together” workout: 15 minute warmup, 30 min (10 min at 9.4, 20 min at 9.5mph), 15 min cool down. 8.3mi total

Tuesday morning: 3 mi recover then 3 miles super easy.  6.2 mi total, 8:52/mi

Tuesday evening: recovery doubles. 3mi, 9:15/mi

Wednesday Interals and some hills. 15min warmup, 4x5min @ 10.2mph 1.5% with 2:30 recoveries, about 10 minutes easy and then some virtual hills. 9.5mi,

Thursday high side of easy progressive run (just like running downhill toward the city and then back home uphill) about a 2 mile warmup and then 8mph for 4 miles and 8.2 one incline notch higher for another 4mi. Cooldown. 11mi, 7:40/mi.

Friday evening. Note that this was the next day’s evening so it was almost  an extra half-day  of recovery before I attempted this workout. I attempted some marathon pace miles, but felt like I was going to get injured after two miles and stopped. I was watching the Lego movie, so I finished up with easy miles. 11mi

Saturday morning: an easy run finishing up Californicanion season 7 and noting that my fatigue onset is lower and I might be borderline overtrained. 9.5mi ,8:36/mi

Sunday outside with the SERC gang. I hung out with the gang in the back. my GPS didn’t work so I really don’t know my pace. We took a shortcut to avoid an unplowed street. There was a layer of ice on my mittens when we finished. It was a typical miserable winter run with cool people. 11mi, 8:35/mi,I’m guessing

Week total: 73 mi
year total: 256 mi

I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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  1. Congrats on the new job! I lived in Detroit for seven years and still go back and run often. Where you want to live probably depends on where you work. There are several great running communities but if your commute is two hours each way, you will be sad. Feel free to message me and I can help provide details on some of the local running groups and where the year round trails are.

  2. Congrats! 🙂 I live in Ann Arbor, which is an amazing city for running and biking – both location and community-wise. It might be a little far for you depending on which suburb you’ll be working in, though. Feel free to send me a note as well if you’d like some advice.