Introducing Magnolia!

Smiling female runner poses with finisher medal after the New York City MarathonHey y’all! Magnolia here, hailing from the great state of Louisiana where mosquitoes, humidity, and oppressive heat reign supreme! While I am new to Salty Running — at least a newbie in this more public role, rather than my usual stance as a lurker — I am definitely not new to running. My very first run, a five-miler with my dad, happened at the tender age of six and I’ve been running ever since. Not like Forrest Gump’s non-stop running, but relatively speaking, I’ve used running as my preferred outlet for exercise and stress relief for a couple of decades now.  It’s a cheap way to clear my head, celebrate my inner me, and sweat out any naysaying anxiety.

I have run three marathons (trained for four, but caught the flu mere days before the other race and had to pull out), numerous halfs, and countless 5Ks and 10Ks. Note to the Salty readers out there: with very few exceptions, I do not win any of these races … and I am totally cool with that. I consistently race in the top third of the pack, far behind the leaders, but firmly within the “I’m pushing past my comfort level” zone.

I am a wife, mom of three, and full-time attorney who struggles daily to strike the right life-balance. Since having kids, I find I don’t seek out races as often I once did; now I may only race a few times a year. I’d like to proclaim this is quality over quantity, but it’s honestly just a function of what fits into my hectic family schedule. I often think that I should have time management down to a fine art by now. Sadly, I do not.

Smiling female runner holds a finisher medal and the hands of two young girls

I squeeze in my workouts when and where I can. Long gone are the days of leisurely early morning runs before work; elementary school for the littles starts early these days, so morning workouts are a byproduct of the clock, specifically how many minutes remain before I have to jump in the shower. If I cannot manage the AM workout, I have been known to run the parking lots during the kids’ soccer practices or catch a HIIT class (that’s High-Intensity Interval Training, for the uninitiated) at my local gym over the lunch hour. I do what I can, when I can, with the mental and physical resources I have on that given day.

As for who I am personally, those who know me would unanimously agree that I’m awesome authentic. (Also, they would tell you I’m unfailingly witty sarcastic.) There are plenty of other characteristics that define me, but my authenticity is the root of pretty much everything. Essentially, I come from a place of honesty and realism … and humor, because levity is really important!

I will close my intro with this anecdote:  A friend in my office building keeps trying to coin his own catchphrase. After bouncing misappropriated mottos off me — all of which were shamelessly stolen, as I was quick to remind him — he quipped, “Well, we’re better off dead, right?” I immediately responded, “Who says that?!  NO ONE says that.” BINGO, his mantra was born; more due to originality than trendworthiness. It’s a silly anecdote, but his mantra highlights the antithesis of my own inner creed: Whatever we do each hour, each day, each week to improve ourselves, our health or our lives is one step further away from being dead, both literally and figuratively.  And that’s a win in my book!

Welcome, Magnolia!

I am a full-time attorney, wife, and mom of three active kiddos. In my spare time, you can find me pounding the pavement in the hot and humid south. I aim to write about maintaining balance, finding the humor in life, and training from the perspective of a middle-of-the-pack, self-coached, just-trying-to-improve runner.

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  1. The work, family, running balance is no joke! Glad you are making it work despite the hectic schedules!! Looking forward to more from you!