Introducing Cocoa!

A family hike with our 3 week-old baby girl! (Our 2 Viszlas are cropped out.)
A family hike with our 3 week-old baby girl! (Our 2 Viszlas are cropped out.)

Hello Salty readers!

I am excited to be joining the Salty bloggers. I benefited greatly from reading Salty’s training logs during pregnancy, and having undergone a recent c-section, I wanted to give back a little and provide my own training logs during recovery.  C-section recovery has been addressed a little bit on Salty running before, but I am hoping to go into more detail about my recovery.

I also really love talking about running (shocking) and what better atmosphere than here!

st george
Running– it’s a family affair. My sister, parents and me after St George Marathon in 2014.

I come from a family full of runners! On both extended sides, actually. I started running when I was 12 years old. Since I was 15 years old, I have never missed more than 3 days in a row of running until my C-section, so I guess you could call me obsessed.  I was a very slow NCAA DI athlete; someone has to be last, right?! Since college, I have run 18 marathons, getting down to a 2:57 PR, and 5 ultra-marathons.

I am a new mom to my little pretty princess, as I like to call her. I am an experienced mom to my 2 Vizsla dogs. My husband is my partner-in-crime, and he and our dogs are my favorite early morning running buddies.  We can’t wait to start bringing our daughter along on our runs too!

Saturday AM run to Great Falls in Virginia. Had to post a picture where you can see both of my dogs!

I am a military spouse and we move every few years, which makes my goal of running a marathon in all 50 states financially easier to achieve than for someone who has to travel to the 49 states she doesn’t live in. My running girlfriends are some of my favorite people in this world, and I have been blessed with wonderful running partners everywhere that we have lived.

When I am not with my family or out on a run, I am a nurse practitioner who believes that patients know their own bodies far better than any healthcare provider ever will.

That’s me in a nutshell. I look forward to sharing more from you and learning from my fellow Salty bloggers and readers!

I am a 30-something new mother (pet mother too), marathon and ultramarathon runner, healthcare professional, and outdoor enthusiast. I'm working on completing a marathon in all 50 states. I will be blogging about motherhood, running, and any random running-related rant I might come up with.

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  1. Welcome Cocoa! Even though I doubt I’ll ever be pregnant, I’m still really interested to hear what you have to say about recovery. I think even we non-baby-makers can benefit from the lessons you’ve learned about coming back after a major surgery!

    I’m also really eager to hear about all the marathons you’ve done. Which one was your favorite?

    1. Thanks Cinnamon! It is hard to choose a favorite… but the first one that comes to mind is the Blue Ridge Marathon in Virginia. Followed closely by Yakima Canyon in WA and Deseret News in UT 🙂 I guess I like the scenic courses! Which ones do you recommend?

  2. Welcome, Cocoa! I am a Vizsla mom to 7 month-old Deena, whom we named after Deena Kastor. Looking forward to when she is old enough to run with regularly.

    1. I love Vizslas!!! They are a lot of work though. My 5-year old vizslas are more work than my 2 month old baby!! 🙂 best running partners though!!