Honey’s Training Log – 3.1.15

Here is my first training log for the time I’ve officially been a Salty! This winter has been light on actual running milage, but I’ve spent a good amount of time in the gym focusing on increasing my speed and leg strength. I’ve definitely felt my body getting more used to that level of discomfort at high exertion. With that base -and with last Sunday’s 5k as my kickoff to the spring racing- I plan to tackle some serious tempo runs in the coming weeks.

Week of Feb 23

Monday – off (post-indoor tri victory day off!)

Tuesday – quick and easy 1 mile warmup followed by an hour of one-on-one boxing with my trainer. Circuits went in 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest. The exercises were:

  • jump rope
  • single punches
  • combos against pads
  • squat/punch combos
  • combos against bag
  • plyometrics – toe touches around core board
  • abs/arms – medicine ball press while lying prone

Wednesday – 45-minute treadmill class. After some dynamic warmups, we did a hills progression, a fartlek progression, and a longer interval increasing speed every minute. Then, we finished up with some strength exercises: presses, squats, step up/step downs, tricep dips, mountain climbers, and plank to push ups.

3 total miles; rest pace 5.5, fastest tempo pace 8.0

Thursday/Friday – off

Saturday – speedwork on the treadmill. 3 total miles

  • warmup
  • 0.2 miles at level 10; rest for 0.2; repeat
  • 0.3 miles at level 9; rest for 0.25; repeat
  • 0.5 miles at level 8; rest for 0.3 miles; repeat
  • cooldown

Sunday – an easy 5 miles outdoors. A little sloppy but, hallelujah, it was 45 degrees and sunny!


Week of Feb 16

Monday – Strength training day

  • 10 minute treadmill warmup
  • full body circuit (squat jump, row, triceps, pull ups) x 3
  • abs (Russian twists, kick downs with a partner) x 3
  • kettlebells (squat jumps with arm raises, swings) x 3

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – Hip hop dance class. Missy Elliott was keeping us coordinated and limber.

Thursday – off

Friday – 30 mins stationary bike. I kept the resistance low and tried to keep my RPMs around 120 and a high heart rate to simulate an all-out effort for my next indoor tri.

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 5k race on a cold and clear morning and a moderately hilly course. 23:35 net, 7:36/mile


A Minnesota girl living in New York City. I'm a middle school teacher (by choice!), runner, bike commuter, traveler, and general do-er of things. My next goal is to change my finally crush my marathon PR of 4:01 to under 4:00.

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