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I really like cake...almost as much as I like running.
I really like cake…almost as much as I like running.

Hello everyone! I am so pumped to be joining the Salty Running crew! The women writing here have been inspiring to me, and I am honored to be able to write alongside them!

But first things first. I should tell you a few things about myself and my running career. I am entering my senior year of college, running three seasons per year (cross country, indoor and outdoor track) for a DIII school near Baltimore, MD. I will actually be starting preseason (a.k.a. cross country camp) this coming week, almost two and a half solid weeks of nothing but running two-a-days, sleeping, eating, and endlessย Gilmore Girls marathons.

I have not always been a runner, though. Growing up, I dabbled in soccer and softball, and remember being the first girl to finish the mile in elementary school in 6:56, so I guess I’ve always had a knack for running. After a tumultuous freshman year of college during which all I wanted to do was transfer, I decided to ask the coach and athletic director if I could walk on to the cross country team.ย I had run a 5K earlier that spring and thought I could make friends if I joined. The coach said I could make it if I survived preseason and the dreaded 2-mile time trial. That time trial, the inaugural first-day-of-practice-workout, was my first time ever running on a track. I finished in 14:23, and by the season’s end, had improved that time to 13:51. I can now run a 2-mile in around 12:45.

Running the 10k at conferences this past season!
Running the 10k at conferences this past season!

Naturally, I fell in love with track, running, and my team. My favorite part of running is racing, and outdoor track is my favorite season! ย That’s not to say my running career has been all sunshine and rainbows and PRs. I got very caught up with my emotions during this past outdoor track season and ended up with a stress injury in my left metatarsal, forcing me to take nearly two months off. Granted, I did get to travel to China and the West Coast, but I sure did miss running.

Again, I am so excited to post here because what Salty Running does is incredible — a tiny corner of the internet can bring together women, empower them, and give them tools they need for success not only in running, but in life. Running is more than moving one leg in front of the other — it’s the relationships formed, the endorphin rush afterwards, and hey, even the embarrassment you may or may not feel while searching every store within a 1-block radius for a bathroom on a long run.

With this upcoming season, I hope to bounce back on my feet. I hate being down for any period of time and am so ready to help my team towards a conference championship, get into graduate school for English literature, and try to find some time for myself! Hopefully I can give a little insight into what it’s like to be a college athlete! I can’t wait to discuss all of these things and more, and hopefully inspire you as much as these amazing women have inspired me. Keep running!

Former collegiate coffee-fueled distance runner who loves track workouts.

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  1. Ah… “senior year”……. savor every moment! I’m a former DIII triple athlete (soccer, indoor/outdoor track) and my teammates were the best. We were in it together for the love of sport and not to fulfill a scholarship obligation like our DI and DII counterparts. Senioritis is contagious. Finding time for your non athlete pals can be difficult. I missed attending spring break because we had indoor track meets. But while my friends worked hard on their tans, I grabbed a school record and then we partied when they came back! Best of luck to you. I hope you achieve your athletic and academic goals. You will have excellent time management skills when you begin grad school.
    Hugs from the “Nati” (Cincinnati)- Heidi

  2. Hi there!! So excited to have you on board! I ran DIII collegiate x-country/indoor and outdoor. I can’t wait to hear your stories and hopefully relive some of my fondest memories :) BEST OF LUCK to you has you start your season!

  3. I am so excited to learn more about you and being a collegiate athlete! As a late athletic bloomer, I’m very curious about what I missed out on there. I have a lot of friends who did run in college and I notice that they seem to know things that I don’t about good training habits, racing tactics, etc. I think all of us old lady runners have a lot to learn from you! THANK YOU and WELCOME!!!!