Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Red Division, Round One

Which nominees will win round 1 of the Red Division?
Which nominees will win round 1 of the Red Division?

Next up in the quest for the Greatest Women’s Running Blog of All Time, we turn to the Red Division. The eight blogs in this region bring some formidable chops to the table. They’ve got strong opinions, passion, wit… baby, they’ve got it all. The Red Division boasts some OTQs and some of the most popular running blogs in the tourney. These bloggers may be spread out across the country, from New York City to Michigan to Minnesota, but all of them love running.

Which ones will make it past the first round of competition? You decide!




(1) Run Eat Repeat vs. (8) Girl in Motion

Run Eat Repeat – California girl Monica started blogging to chronicle her training for her first marathon – and now she’s run eight! Her blog is also full of healthy eats, as she balances training with intuitive eating. Monica is a certified personal trainer and Zumba instructor, so look for lots of great cross training posts!


Girl in Motion – 50-something Flo is on a running hiatus at the moment as she deals with some medical issues, but her blog still makes the cut for our tourney. She started running in 2007 with the Couch to 5K program, progressing to 90 miles per week and BQing. Flo – who lives in Philly – has a day job as a voice-over actress.


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(2) Miss Zippy vs. (7) Twenty Six Point Two

Miss Zippy – Miss Z as we like to call her, is a veteran runner, triathlete, and mom who’s an anti-stretcher and a minimalist shoe enthusiast. She offers up some great stories and a whole lot of useful information ranging from training tips to race etiquette. You gotta love a lady running blogger with a strong opinion!


Twenty Six Point Two – Amy from Nashville is a formerly depressed 20-something who became an active happy 30-something and along the way found that training to be her best is even more fun than training for general fitness. She started this blog with her friend who was on a similar path, but now maintains it herself as she goes for her first BQ!


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(3) Not Before My Tea vs. (6) Ms. Fit Runner

Not Before My Tea – 20-something Nicole blogs about her twin passions – running and brunch.  She take both quite seriously, being a former Division II collegiate runner and a semi-pro brunch tester. The tea lover also covers her life in the Windy City with a dash of humor and a spoonful of randomness, touching on everything from people watching to letters to the running gods.


Ms. Fit Runner – This is one fast mother of 3! She’s gunning for that 2016 OTQ and keeps getting closer and closer, now holding a 2:48 matathon PR. Ms. Fit Runner’s blog is a very in-depth look at her training and racing – nobody writes a more detailed race report, that’s for sure!


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(4) FueledbyLOLZ vs. (5) Discom-BOB-ulated Running

FueledbyLOLZ – Hollie is a New Jersey girl who’s just a little out of college but a whole lotta fun. On her blog she writes about her love of half marathons (of which she holds a solid 1:24:49 PR!) and her life as a “real girl” (what she is when she’s not running).  Her blog features the usual fare (race reports, talk of big dreams and insecurities and the like), but also includes things like diner reviews because, well, why not?


Discom-BOB-ulated Running – Beth – who goes by the nickname B.o.B. – lives in sunny Florida and chronicles her running and triathlon feats. Her blog not only has lots of race recaps, but it’s full of personality, with posts about books she’s reading and other adventures.


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Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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