Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Elite Eight

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Find out who of the Sweet 16 won a spot in the Elite 8!  Vote for your favorites in the Salty Running Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament after the jump!

Yellow Division

(7) See Mom Run Far vs. (5) Nichole’s Running Journey

See Mom Run Far

This match-up pairs See Mom Run Far who took down a number one seed, Shut Up + Run versus Nichole’s Running Journey, which powered by the incredibly popular NYC Running Mama by amassing the most votes so far in the entire tournament! See Mom’s Erin has come a long way since she first logged into Blogger. Since that first post where she detailed her 4:15 performance at the 2010 Las Vegas Marathon, she’s gone on to run around an hour faster and has set her sights on an OTQ. Speaking of OTQ’s, Nichole nabbed hers in 2012, running faster for all 26.2 miles than the one 6:23 she was stoked about running in her first blog four years and 364 days ago. Inspiring progress all around, ladies!

Nichole’s Running Journey
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Red Division

(2) Miss Zippy vs. (4) Fuled by LOLZ

Miss Zippy

Miss Zippy knocked out our final number one seed with her decisive victory over Run Eat Repeat. It clearly pays to reach out to friends and Hollie from FuledbyLOLZ can attest as she eeked out another close one, defeating the formidable MsFit Runner. Before she was duking it out with some of the internet’s best, in her 2009 first post ever as Miss Zippy, Amanda was doing what she does best and saying what we’re all thinking, wondering if she was the only one who was a little overly competitive on race day (nope!) Hollie needs an archives widget (or we need a better investigator), but I was able to piece together that she started her blog when she was a junior in college taking illegal photos in casinos and now she’s an all-grown-up half marathon monster!

Fueled by Lolz
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Green Division

(2) Ann’s Running Commentary vs. (6) The Runner’s Plate

Ann’s Running Commentary

Ann’s Running Commentary makes it to the Elite 8 because Ann squeaked past Mom Against the Marathon to win by two votes right before the buzzer! The Runner’s Plate came out of Alaska to surprise us all with her huge upset win against Ariana Hilborn. Jumping in our wayback machine, we discovered that despite seeming like she always has it together now, in March of 2009 Ann felt as if the gods were conspiring against her getting her long runs in (in other words, she had a two year old at the time).  Way back in June, 2010, as she was gearing up for the Grandma’s Marathon, Michelle of the Runners Plate wrote a post about her excitement upon discovering Chobani yogurt in Alaska. It’s the little things!

The Runner’s Plate
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Blue Division

(8) See Red Run vs. (5) Picky Runner

See Red Run

See Red Run, an 8th seed, took down powerhouse Mile Posts in round 2 in perhaps the hugest upset of the entire competition! Picky Runner fought hard and in the tiniest of margins (1 vote!) bested fellow fighter, Run Wiki. In our first contender’s 2009 first post, Caitlin of See Red Run detailed her running goals. Let’s just say she’s nailed all of the running goals and then some! As for whether she’s been reading as much as she’d hoped, we’re not so sure. Picky Runner, for her post in October, 2012 was super-nervous about joining the blogosphere. Don’t worry, Sarah! You fit right in!

Picky Runner
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It all comes down to you though, so vote!

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