Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Sweet 16

Voting ends tonight (3/31) at 11:59 p.m. EST!

*****Don’t know what this is? Check out the main tournament post HERE.*****

Sweet 16

Find out results of round one and choose your favorite bloggers for the Sweet 16 Round of the Salty Running Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament! Vote after the jump!

Yellow Division

Shut Up + Run

(1) Shut Up + Run vs. (7) See Mom Run Far

With Shut Up + Run’s 282 votes against The Local Elite‘s 184, and See Mom Run Far’s 189 to rUnladylike‘s 126, both these contenders won their recent matches on a 60/40 split, which makes them very well-matched against one another. It will be interesting to see where the votes go between these two! Will Shut Up’s goofy humor win while Beth is on vacation in Mexico, or will See Mom’s Erin get the 37th birthday present she always wanted and move on to the Elite Eight?

See Mom Run Far

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NYC Running Mama

(3) NYC Running Mama vs. (5) Nichole’s Running Journey

NYC Running Mama scored nearly 70% of the votes in her race against Michigan Runner Girl, but it will be impressive if she manages to overcome Nichole’s Running Journey, which was neck and neck with the cougar herself, Camille Herron for much of the race. In the end though, Nichole’s plaintive cries of “Help! I’m up against Camille Herron!” succeeded and she won with 263 against Camille’s 231.  Will Running Mama Michele score big in this round as she recovers from the LA Marathon, or will Nichole’s Cinderella Story have another fairytale ending as she embarks on her first pregnancy journey?

Nichole’s Running Journey

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Red Division

Run Eat Repeat

(1) Run Eat Repeat vs. (2) Miss Zippy

Girl in Motion fought the good fight with 98 votes, but Run Eat Repeat brought in just 4 more to win with 102 votes.  Miss Zippy won by a higher margin, 61% to Twenty Six Point Two‘s 39%, but only brought in 88 total votes. RER’s Monica just got through her first half without her GPS watch, will she be able to pace herself to a win in this race?  Or will Miss Zippy pull it out, even as she’s looking inward to find out what her route choices say about her personality?

Miss Zippy

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Ms. Fit Runner

(6) MsFit Runner vs. (4) FueledbyLOLZ

These were two extraordinarily close wins, making them well-matched against one another.  Still, with only 72 total votes to Not Before My Tea‘s 63, MsFit Runner is the underdog here. That’s because FueledbyLOLZ shocked us by beating out favorite Discom-BOB-ulated Running 174 to 157.  How LOLZ’ Hollie had time to promote during her 80 mile week, we’ll never know, but we do know that Katie from MsFit promoted during a 90 mile week. Whew!  Both of these high-mileage ladies are winners in our book, and we wish them the best at their respective half marathons next week.  Only one of them can move on to the Elite Eight, which will it be?

Fueled by Lolz

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Green Division

Mom Against the Marathon

(8) Mom Against the Marathon vs. (2) Ann’s Running Commentary

Mom Against the Marathon had a close race against the very popular Hungry Runner Girl, but won with a 62/48 percent split.  Conversely, Ann’s Running Commentary won against Runnin’ From The Law in a landslide with an 82/18 split!  Still, the numbers of votes they received were very close, and both of them are excellent writers, passing over flashy graphics to prove that content is queen. Ann is taking her own advice, and it’s some darn good advice, but will it help her win a spot in the Elite Eight?  Although Meggan (Mom) is very uncomfortably pregnant at the moment, but we know she appreciates the support of her fans, so come on out and vote, y’all!

Ann’s Running Commentary

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The Runner’s Plate

(6) The Runner’s Plate vs. (4) Ariana Hilborn

The Runner’s Plate held up 47 votes to Pace of Me‘s 22, and Ariana Hilborn won with 79 votes against Twenty-Six  & Then Some‘s 35.  Evenly matched, they are not, but we’ve certainly had more surprising upsets already in this tournament, so it’s possible that Michelle can still pull a win here.  Meanwhile, she’s searching for motivation and, it seems, a new web host.  On the other side of the coin…er…well…er…pond…Ariana recently announced that she’s training for a marathon in Latvia, her family’s mother country.  Lai jums veicas, Ariana!

Ariana Hilborn

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Blue Division

See Red Run

(8) See Red Run vs. (2) Mile Posts

Heidi Jo Green was a serious contender, but we weren’t surprised to see MilePosts win the round. Dorothy’s incredibly popular blog beat out Heidi Jo by only 11 votes and received fewer votes overall than See Red Run, which–again, to our surprise–beat out Matters of Course (Running Hutch) in a 60/40 split.  As she says goodbye to one chapter of her life and prepares for the next, will Red pull it out again against the formidable MilePosts, or will Dorothy be giddy over winning the Sweet 16 instead of being giddy over a mention in the AMR podcast?

Mile Posts

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Run Wiki

(3) RunWiki vs. (4) Picky Runner

Both of these blogs won their round 1 matchups by landslides, to Dirt Diva and The Run Within respectively.  RunWiki‘s Lisa is not only running and competing in the SR Blog Tourney, she’s also cooking up a storm and has some swell ideas for post-run snacking – I’m hoping she bribes her voters with baked oatmeal cups. Picky Runner Sarah has recently found herself feeling more whole, and it seems that getting nominated for this competition was a little icing on that cake, which makes us feel pretty darn good. We’re willing to bet she’ll be over the moon if she wins the Sweet 16!

Picky Runner

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It all comes down to you though, so vote!

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  1. Just so everyone knows, the blog does not endorse anyone. Several bloggers have voted accidentally under their saltyrunning accounts so it looks like SR is voting. Just wanted to let everyone know that it’s not rigged and that all SR bloggers voted just like everyone else and I’m sure (if they’re like me) had a super tough time choosing this round!