Gingko’s Training Log 1.13.13

My new “diva pink” running shoes from Brooks…gave me the extra motivation to hit the trails this week!


Work was back into full-spring and life came at me fast this week. Evening meetings and work events on both Saturday and Sunday, my running was skimped some. I found out that the Brooks Daily Inspire Team will again allow me to run along for them, which means: FREE STUFF! Hence, the hot pink shoes you see to the left. I’m honored to run for this great company and try my best to represent to the best of my ability. The FREE STUFF doesn’t hurt for this non-profit working forever student, either!


Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: 4 miles (with Otto)! Felt like spring.

Saturday: 6 miles. The trails were PACKED with other runners! It was great to see. The weather sure does make a difference.

Sunday: 7 miles before another long day at work. Running is my stress-reliever some days!


All in all, a pretty low-mileage and boring week; but, tomorrow I get to try Pure Barre! I’m excited and will report back soon!

I'm a new momma, full-time non-profiter, and coffee lover. I write about healthy body image, half marathon training, and recovery from eating disorders. I'm currently training to maintain fitness throughout the winter and break 1:27:00 in my next half marathon.

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