Ginger’s Training Log – 9-8-13

Playing it safe toward the end of last week’s training paid off. Yes, it was tough to pull things back for a bit as I struggled with second guessing myself, anxiety over whether or not I was losing fitness, and in general, feeling on edge with increased amounts of energy! Preview of the taper that is to come?

I saw my ART chiropractor on Wednesday and he agreed that I came to him at just the right time. By taking a day off and lessening the intensity, I was able to stop a full blown injury from happening. The hardest part was dealing with the aftermath of taking things down. At this point in training (3 weeks out from the marathon) I am feeling all sorts of emotions, but the one I’m feeling the most is excitement, which closely resembles anxiety at times.

Things are about to get real. The marathon course was marked this week. How neat is it that the city allows the marathon to paint the town blue?

How the week played out:

Monday: 31 minutes easy at the Labor Day 5k I was going to do but made the smart decision not to do. Just ran easy with James and our friend, Kim. The race always has a pancake breakfast afterward so that was a nice consolation prize.

Tuesday: Took the day off as my foot was starting to feel better and I had the ART appointment the next day. Why make matters worse on the way to recovery?

Wednesday: 40 minutes easy. ART was in the morning, this run was at night. Pain free. ART by Tim Keyes, he’s a miracle worker. The “key” is knowing when you need it and pulling back in order for it to work!

Thursday: 40 minutes easy, pain free again.

Friday: 61 minutes with 30 minutes at tempo pace. Had a week and a half off from tempos so there was a slight re-adjustment to picking things up. However, I felt in control and strong on the tempo portion. In fact, I think last week’s down time served as a mini taper as all of my runs since then have felt like I was carrying bottled up energy with me. Now I just need to keep it bottled up before September 28th!

Saturday: Took the day off as there was slight foot pain. Wanted to be healthy for my long run.

Sunday: 2 hours 20 minute long run. James and I were a few towns over from home so he dropped me off at the bike path that goes back to the house and I ran back. On the way there I stopped to visit my grandpa’s grave again. The rest of the run felt easy and relaxed. Focused on harnessing my fitness and feeling strong as I reached the two hour mark. This was the last “long” long run. I just have one more tempo and one more long run before it’s time to pull things back!

Total: 5 hours 13 minutes

I write about mindfulness, mental health, and the professional sport of running with the occasional poking fun at the sport. When I am not running, I'm either helping people as a counselor or trying to make them laugh as an amateur open mic comedian.

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  1. Have you ran Akron before? I LOVE the Akron marathon. So much so that I signed up for it for this year, the weekend after I ran it last year. Even though I signed up for the race this year, I am going to run C-Bus instead (but, still run my 22 at Akron – hey, I paid for it, might as well reap 22 miles of it). Good luck to you!!! Akron really does it up right! I thoroughly loved everything about the marathon there!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Maybe we can meet after the race (via Salty/Laura)? Or maybe luck will have us meet on the course amongst thousands of runners, haha. I ran Akron back in 2004 and loved it all but didn’t really train for it. Now I feel that having put my heart into the training that the experience will be that much better. Good luck at C-bus, too!