Ginger’s Training Log – 9-20-15

The miles are still slim but I am feeling a spark again and that is exciting. My coach gave me the outline for this week and we are aiming for the Fall Classic Half Marathon on November 22nd. I may also do a 10k on October 25th for training purposes. This week, I received both pairs of new shoes I ordered and I am very impressed with the new Hoka Clifton 2s. They feel more secure than the original version, which was my biggest complaint the first time. These babies are heavenly.

Welcome to the family.
Welcome to the family.

Monday: 30 minute out and back run

Tuesday: Off/rest. I wanted to run so bad on this day and asked coach if I could but like a smart coach, he reigned me in and told me to play it safe and adhere to the original plan.

Wednesday: 35 minute solo run in the evening. I broke the 10 minute barrier for the first time in months on this one.

Thursday: Off/rest but I did bike alongside James on his run

Friday: 35 minutes total running with 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes medium pace, 5 minutes fast, and 10 minutes easy. You could call this a fartlek of sorts. I was intentionally unsure of the pace but felt great on all portions. Running for time and by feel seems to help me when coming back from an injury or burnout episode.

Saturday: Off/rest

Sunday: 45 minute “long” run. I didn’t feel the greatest on this one but you’ll have that.

Total: 2 hours 25 minutes running (approximately 14.5 miles) and didย daily strengthening exercises

I write about mindfulness, mental health, and the professional sport of running with the occasional poking fun at the sport. When I am not running, I'm either helping people as a counselor or trying to make them laugh as an amateur open mic comedian.

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