Ginger’s Training Log – 6.18.17

Howdy! I haven’t posted since my Cleveland Marathon race report. I’ve been running since then but I’ve been taking a more relaxed approach this summer. By lowering my miles and running for fitness, I’ve been able to do some other cool things. It’s amazing how much more time frees up when you are not focusing so much on just running!

I signed up for Jasyoga and have been really enjoying the videos. I’ve done yoga in the past but not enough to benefit my body. I like the focus on athletes, tailoring moves to benefit running, biking, swimming, or just functional movement in general. It moves at a good pace for a beginner like me and Erin describes the moves in ways that make sense. Plus, there’s a ton of mindfulness with the movements – like yoga should be!

I also bought a membership to a local lap pool to get back into swimming, an activity that has a burn almost as good as running. I’ve been focusing on easy swimming, my form, and eventually getting the guts to try a flip turn. If you have any tips, please send them my way.

As for my running, I took a week and a half off after the marathon on May 21st. Since then, I’ve been doing mostly easy running but looked into a Hal Higdon 5k plan for some structure. If I don’t have any structure, I feel aimless. His intermediateย plan is similar to what I had been doing so I’m experimenting with it. It’s light enough to not be overwhelming but still has some challenge to it to keep things fun. I may eventually go back to formal training with my coach but for now we both needed a break!

James and I leave tonight for a 14 day road trip out to the Pacific Northwest and back through Colorado so running will become more adventure based the next two weeks. Weย will then put our fitness to the test when we return at our favorite local July 4th 5k, The Aurora Fun Run. I’ll check in after that.

Got the essential snacks ready to go!

Monday: Off/rest

Tuesday: 3 miles easy

Wednesday: 3.5 miles with 5 x 400 at the track and Jasyoga core video. These 400s actually went better than when I ran 400s during marathon training! The rest was 400 jog, something I don’t usually do but found that was better than a standing rest. Splits were 93, 94, 91, 92, 90.

Thursday: 30 minute swim and Jasyoga calf and hip reset videos.

Friday: Off/rest

Saturday: 3.5 miles steady (9:30 pace down to 8:06 pace). James and I cheated and went to the treadmill for this one. It was just too dang out in the afternoon. Jasyoga core video afterward.

Sunday: 7 miles at 9:48 pace in the heat this time. It was hot but also a little quicker than last week’s 7 miler. I’ve run the same 7 mile route the last three Sundays. It’s funny to think that double that was my long run only months ago. 7 doesn’t seem like much but I’m not training to be an elite or even sub-elite. For most of us, less is more. I feel good.

Total: 17 miles running, 30 minutes swimming

I write about mindfulness, mental health, and the professional sport of running with the occasional poking fun at the sport. When I am not running, I'm either helping people as a counselor or trying to make them laugh as an amateur open mic comedian.

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