Ginger’s Training Log – 6-10-12

Another successful week in the pain department. I even had an ART session to loosen up the remainder of scar tissue in my foot. I’m fully functional now. So much so, I probably tested the waters a little too much by running in some of the weirdest places this week. Sunday’s first stab at a long run was nearly 70 minutes on railroad tracks. The big rocks were challenging but I kept it slow to avoid any awkward landings. Monday night, James and I found a trail on our night run. We attempted to navigate it without a head lamp and just ran with our senses in full gear. I ran that same trail in the daylight yesterday and don’t know how I made it out without a fall! Then on Tuesday, ย I jumped in 200 meters with James, improperly warmed up, and ended up slightly pulling my quad. Luckily, it wasn’t anything horrible but I kept it light that day and on Friday, with a nice 60 minute bike on his tempo run for cross training and girlfriend support. All in all, it feels good to be able to run pain-free.

A hidden gem in Hudson, Ohio. Hudson Springs Park with a limestone trail around the lake.

We leave for England tomorrow for a two week vacation. One of James’s best college friends is getting married and so it will not only be a unique sharing of British culture, but also a time to get away. I have some posts ready to go for when I am away so you’ll still hear my voice while (or shall I say whilst) I’m gone. But for the most part, keeping up with the internet will be low on my list. Doing this every so often feels so free! Until you come home to 200+ emails. Nonetheless, I’m shooting to hit 25-30 miles a week while across the pond.

Sunday: 7 miles in the morning on the non-operating train tracks.

Monday: 3.2 miles at night.

Tuesday: 2 miles at the track.

Wednesday: 5 miles on trails during the early afternoon with James was a rareย occasion. Pure bliss!

Thursday: 3.5 miles on golf course with a 40 minute bike

Friday: 2 miles at night with a 60 minute bike on the Aurora Fun Run course as James prepares for his hometown 5k on July 4th.

Saturday: 5 miles during the day at Hudson Springs Park, mostly on limestone trails. Hot! But not too hot, yet.

Total: 27.7 miles running and 1 hour 40 minutes biking

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  1. You don’t cherish your health as much until it is taken away. And not just a small ache that puts you out of business for a week, but the ones that do it for months, like yours seems to have been. I have had two long ones – A bone spur and a IT band issue.

    Fortunately,you have cross-training to help.

    Enjoy your trip.

  2. Thanks Mark. Lay-offs definitely help you to appreciate each and every run! So I subscribed to your blog but I don’t get email updates when you have new posts. Did I do something wrong?