Ginger’s Training Log – 5-6-12

Me with my mom on graduation day. The masters hood was falling off

I started the week feeling like I was getting back into a groove, albeit slow. I was only fooling myself when I followed up my Sunday trail run with my ART appointment on Monday. The doc thought my consistent foot pain might actually be a stress fracture so he ordered an x-ray. It came back clean so I went back to running, only to find that something is still wrong with the foot. I can run but nothing faster than 10 minute pace, mostly 11s actually. I continued to wake up walking awkwardly, totally compensating for the pain. Finally, I decided to drop the slow running and enter into full-on cross training mode as that is what has worked in the past for my foot problems. Luckily, I discovered that I could get an alumni membership at Akron’s recreation center. The cost in savings was enough to soothe my aching runner’s soul as I feared that I wouldn’t be able to afford to use a pool anywhere and would just have to become completely out of shape until this foot sorts itself out.

Speaking of an alumni membership, I graduated with my Master’s degree this weekend, too. Three and a half years in the making. This time around, it actually feels celebratory because I have a job, a place to live, and a routine that I like. Not much will change except having a couple fancy letters after my name pretty soon here. Not only did I celebrate the traditional way, but I also cut my hair as well. I donated 8 inches to Locks of Love. It was a slightly random decision but also a representation of the confidence I developed during my grad school experience. I love the ease and feel of the cut, too! I do miss long locks but this style will sure be a pleaser for the summer! Now I just have to heal. In the meantime, I shall get back to my second love, swimming. It’s the only activity that feels the closest to a run’s exertion for me. It must be my Aquarius sign, the water bearer.

The longest my hair has been (2011) and the now the shortest my hair has been (2012).

Sunday: 5 miles on the trails

Monday: 1600 yard swim

Tuesday: 3 miles at night

Wednesday: 4 miles at night. Foot pain just kept getting worse at this point.

Thursday: 1750 yard swim

Friday: 50 minute bike with James on his run

Saturday: 2000 yard swim with 10 x 50 yard sprints

Totals: 12 miles running, 3 miles swimming, 50 minutes biking

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