Ginger’s Training Log – 3-15-15

Yum! Recipe of the week brought to you by Real Simple, Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich.
Yum! Recipe of the week brought to you by Real Simple, theย Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich.

Two of fifteen weeks complete! This week went much better on the pain front. Really, there wasn’t much pain at all. I am not sure if this is due to taking my own advice from my most recent post or the fact that I have been doing strengthening exercises and stretching every night. The later sure does go a long way.

I continue to build my miles slowly, which likely helped me have some good workouts this week. I also continue to cross train and this week I started adding on some bike miles after a few of my easy runs. It’s easy to get excited and dream even bigger when things are going well but coach so eloquently reminded me that, “It’s good to have long goals and be positive. One step at a time and you will be surprised how far you can travel.ย #anythingispossible.” We are actually tracking my training in an ongoing Facebook chat message with a few other friends. It’s become quite entertaining.

Monday: 4.5 miles with 5 x 800s and core work. This was my first run outdoors in quite some time. The goal pace was around 3:34 to mimic 5k pace and my route had some undulations to mimic the marathon course. This workout felt tougher than it needed to feel but I considered it a good start and effort given the conditions (3:38, 3:37, 3:34, 3:42, 3:37). I definitely lost focus on the fourth one!

Tuesday: 3 miles easy and a 30 minute session on the rower.

Wednesday: 7 miles with 5 miles at 8:00 pace. I love 8:00 pace. It seems to be my sweet spot. I started a bit over the pace, ran 8s for most of the workout and finished with a 7:53 mile. Now to work on not being so afraid of sub-8s or faster. I also hit the weights heavy on the legs after the workout.

Thursday: 60 minutes on the stationary bike with core work. I also had a massage after work and it was very helpful.

Friday: 3 miles easy and 45 minutes on the bike. My easy runs have gotten a little bit faster than the previous weeks but I am still starting off very slow and easing into them.

Saturday: 12 mile long run averaging 9:15s and focusing on picking things up the last three miles. The last three were 8:30, 8:10, and 7:58. I did this one outdoors and in the morning. I am a night owl. But the next 14 weeks are all about making sacrifices so I bit the bullet and got up early. I am happy I did because it was nice to relax the rest of the day. I’ll try to make this a habit.

Sunday: 60 minutes on the stationary bike and upper body strength training.

Total: 29.5 miles running, 3 hours 15 minutes cross training

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