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Age: 30

Country/State/General Vicinity: Northeast Ohio

Year you ran your first mile without walking: 1999

Year you became ‘a runner’: 1999

Why you started running: Long walks around the neighborhood with the Sony Walkman as a teenager turned into, “Hmmm, what if I ran?” because it felt so relaxing to move faster and faster each time.

Why you run now:  Because it feels so relaxing to move faster and faster each time.

Month/Year you became a Salty Blogger: March 2012

What is your voice on Salty Running?  The controversial neurotic.

What is your favorite category of posts on Salty Running?  I like when our bloggers apply their running experiences to life experiences. I also like posts about professional running and enjoy reading race recaps.

What’s the most you ever spent on a sport bra? A Nike compression bra at the outlet store for $34.

First race: 400 meters indoors at a high school track meet in a blazing 84 seconds!

Last race: 2013 Akron Marathon, DNF.

3 Races you most wish you could run: The 5k at the Olympic Trials, the 5k at the Olympics, and, well, just the 5k in general.

Favorite race: The Akron Marathon will always hold a special place in my heart. Track races are fun, too!

Best running advice you’ve ever gotten: It really is just putting one foot in front of the other. Why make it any harder than it needs to be?

First Running Shoe: A men’s clunky New Balance cross training shoe from a warehouse store in Cleveland.

Do you run with a watch?  Yes, a Timex Ironman wristwatch. I never race with one, though.

Running goals for 2014:  Run because I want to, not because I am trying to prove something.

Current/Main/Favorite Shoe:  Brooks Pureflow 2 and Puma Faas 300.

How many pairs of running shoes are currently in your house? 6?

Running hero(es): My boyfriend and the trolls of Letsrun.

Favorite Running Partner(s): My boyfriend is the best! Sometimes other running friends are, too. But I have to admit I like running alone for the most part.

Non-running hobby: Writing for Salty Running, photography, and reading message boards late at night.

Who’s in your household? My boyfriend and I.

Occupation (how you get your shoe money): Under construction.

Would you like to add anything? I never imagined that I’d be writing for a website for as long as I have been even though it hasn’t been that long. And yet, I never imagined how much writing for said website would test me, inspire me, and teach me such important life lessons. Thank you all for following along the journey!


800 meters: 2:39 (2013)
5k: 21:28 (2013)
Half marathon: 1:39:21 (2012)



I'm a competitive runner and mental health professional. I write about mindfulness, my own experiences with depression and anxiety, and the professional sport of running. I'm currently trying to figure out the marathon while also continuing to race (and enjoy) the shorter distances.


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