Ginger’s Training Log – 3-18-12

I began the week thrown off more than I have ever been by Daylight Savings Time. Well, except for my first year away at college when I accidently sprung back instead of forward. I was in Chicago on Saturday into Sunday for a bachelorette party. I drove into the city, setting my clock back one hour then at 2am, moved the clock forward one hour, and then on my way home to Ohio, moved forward one more hour. It was confusing!

So what else did my week look like? Well, I will eventually go into more detail about this new career that I mentioned in my first post. But to briefly fill you in, because it influences my running schedule, I am in my last semester of graduate school, studying marriage and family therapy. I just have my internship left to finish by May and then I can officially be called a therapist. Or counselor. Or even social worker (technically, I’m not one, but I won’t be offended if you call me one). My schedule with this position is pretty damn flexible. And this week, things got even better when I was offered my position for pay once I graduate. While I am very excited, I am slightly scared as my schedule will become busier in the next few weeks, although still flexible. I’ll take flexible over a giant salary any day! I often worry about how all of this will effect my running. But then I read Cinnamon Rushes and all is right with the world.

My week was muddy

Running-wise, I was able to run everyday. Last week, I hit the pool one day after some annoying achilles pain. That pain followed me to this week, but I was able to run through it and that area looks to be on the mend. I did most of my runs on the trails. I had a failed track workout, mainly due to this pain, but came back strong with a 5 mile tempo. I also blistered like crazy and will ย be recovering from those this upcoming week!

Sunday: 6 miles in Chicago along the lake front bike path (long run was Saturday)

Monday: 5.5 miles at ย night with the boy. I felt very light!

Tuesday: But that lightness went away at the track. 1 mile up, 2 x 1600 in 7:00 (goal was 3-5 at 6:50), 2 miles down (5 total)

Wednesday: 6 miles achy on the trails.

Thursday: 8 miles with 1 up, 5 @ 7:48, 2 down. A tad challenging but felt strong. Longest tempo to date, last mile in 7:39.

Friday: 5 miles very slow on hilly trails. MUD!

Saturday: 6.2 miles on trails with Salty and friend. 9s never felt so hard! Good times.

Total: 41.7

I write about mindfulness, mental health, and the professional sport of running with the occasional poking fun at the sport. When I am not running, I'm either helping people as a counselor or trying to make them laugh as an amateur open mic comedian.

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  1. You might consider getting off the trails until that achilles resolves. Soft surfaces (especially trails in March–MUDDY) can sometimes over-involve your calves. Maybe try a couple of days on flatter firmer surfaces (towpath would probably be fine) and see if it helps. Also, maybe get that BF of yours to massage your calves and feet ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS CONGRATS on the job offer!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I did my long run on the towpath today and it was pain free, minus the blisters. James ran out of time to massage the calves so I cheated on him with the foam roller ๐Ÿ˜‰