Garlic’s Training Log 9.14.14

This week I started working with a very experienced PRI therapist, Donna, who is also a physical therapist at a hospital near where I live.  I had met her at the two PRI courses I took at Northeastern this summer, and contacted her about working with her both to receive treatment, but also to learn more about using the PRI progressions.  I’m excited about working with her; with only a half hour of treatment I had dramatic improvement in both my gleno-humoral and cervical range of motion (both sides), and also had some good gains in left hip adduction.  She gave me some exercises to work on, and I’ll see her weekly for the next couple of months.

I also had an aqua-jogging session with Coach Cathy, which was tough but really fun.  I hit 30 miles of running this week for the first time since I started training with her, and seemed to tolerate it okay.  Here are my workouts for the week:

Monday: 6 Miles –2 mile w/up, drills, strides: 4 X 45 and 4 X 30 seconds p.e. 8.5 (hard, not very hard) with full recovery

Tuesday: 4 Miles Easy – 30 min Strength and core, PRI session in the afternoon

Wednesday: 6 Miles with 8 X 30 second strides – p.e. of 8 with full recovery, 10 min general strength/mobility cool-down

Thursday: Pool with Cathy: 34 min, with warm-up to introduce difference forms of aquarunning, then 4*1 min backwards cross-country (pe 8.5) and 4*1 min backwards running shoulders out (pe 8.5)

Friday: 6 miles – 2 mile w/u, then 2*4 min plus pace (pe 6.5) with 1 min recovery, 2*3 min comfortably hard (pe 7.5) with 1 min recovery, 2*2 min hard (pe 8.5) with 2 min recovery, 2*1 min hard with 2 min recovery

Saturday: 8.4 miles -75 minutes easy with 1 min plus pace (pe 6.5) every 8 minutes, starting at 15 minutes

Sunday: Core, hip mobility, stretching

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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  1. PRI? (sorry to come in late to the post) What is it and what are you doing it for? I’m always interested in new therapies and how they might help. Hope it works well for you. Love pool running! Interesting you have a coach for it, there aren’t that many AFAIK. was first place I heard of (and is not local to where I live now), I think she trains instructors. Glad it sounds like you’re on your way back.

    1. Hi M! PRI is the acronym for the Postural Restoration Institute ( The theory behind PRI is that the asymmetries inside of us (liver on the right, heart and mediastinum on the left) affect the way we move and breath and lead to postural distortions, which can set us up for overuse injuries. PRI employs training techniques to counterbalance those asymmetries and distortions. It is remarkably effective – I have been using it preventatively since early spring when I was introduced to it by a strength coach I worked with, which is why I wanted to work with Donna to get into it more deeply. As for the aqua, my running coach is the one who took me to the pool this week. She trains a lot of masters runners (and I now fall into this category) and has had excellent results using aqua running with her runners to supplement their running. And let me tell you, it’s a great workout – I was tired and STARVING afterwards. Thanks for the link about it, I’ll have to check that out!