Garlic’s Training Log 7.20.14

Greetings from NYC!  I’m here for a few days to see my new niece, who was born last week.  Conveniently, my USATF Level 1 Coaching course, which took place on Long Island, was scheduled for this weekend, so I combined taking the course with a visit to my sister and her family to do two of my favorite things: think about running and hang out with a new cutie-pie.  Fun times!

As for my training, here is how things went:

Monday: Easy Run + speed development.  Warm-up: 20 min easy.  Absolute speed series: Wall drills: Posture holds, dynamic recovery cycles, single leg cycles.  Skip series: 2*high skips, 2*long skips, 2*bounding.  4*strides.  Workout: 20 min easy, 8*10 sec hill sprints.  Cool-down: Core routine, hip mobility routine.

Tuesday: Tempo run.  Warm-up: 20 min easy, 2*buttkicks, heel kicks, high-knees, cross-overs.  4*strides.  Workout: 2 miles @moderate effort (14:28).  Cool-down: 15 min easy, general strength/mobility routine.

Wednesday: A.M. Easy run.  20 min easy on treadmill.  P.M. Session with strength coach: 30 min bodywork.  PRI drills, stretching, dynamic warm-up.  3*plyo circuit: med ball oblique tosses, med ball overhead tosses, single-legged hurdle hops.  3*Circuit 1: Kettlebell swings, cable lifts in split squat, t-spine mobility.  3*Circuit 2: Turkish get-ups, skater squats, single-legged cable rows.  Sled marches +200 lbs: 6*10 yards.

Thursday: Easy run.  40 min easy, stretch.  Core routine, hip mobility routine.  Travel to NYC.

Friday: Long run.  80 minutes easy along the East River.  Gorgeous unique run along the Manhattan shoreline – so much to look at!

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: 20 minutes easy, stretch.

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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