Garlic’s Training Log 6.29.14

This week I continued to struggle with speed endurance and did not have a good quality workout, which was a fartlek run on Wednesday.  In part it was because of tough conditions – I trained a client in the early morning that day and then had kid and dog stuff to do so I didn’t get started until 11 a.m., when the sun was reaching its height and it was 86 degrees outside.  However, since I am still running by exertion level only and not specific paces I thought I would be ok.  I was not and I couldn’t execute the workout the way I had planned.  Instead of running it as a continuous fartlek it turned into moderate effort intervals with short walk breaks between to catch my breath and get myself together – not what I was hoping for.  After thinking things over and realizing I might need some additional cardiovascular stimulus to help with my aerobic development, I decided to add some moderate-effort swim workouts a couple times a week in an attempt to improve my ability to handle faster running.  I did the first of these on Thursday, and I’m optimistic these will help.

On the flip side, my long run on Sunday (75 minutes, around 9 miles, over rolling hills) went really well.  I felt very strong throughout, not overly fatigued by the end in spite of again running in very warm temperatures, and my body felt good and competent to handle this distance.  AND, I’m killing it in the gym: this week, single-legged deadlifts holding 50 lbs (two 25 lb kettle bells)!  Woo hoo!

Monday: Easy run.  Warm-up: 1 mile easy.  2*buttkicks, heel kicks, a-skips, b-skips, ice skaters, long skips.  Acceleration wall drill series: posture holds, load and lifts, marches, single-legged exchanges, double exchanges.  4*strides.  Workout: 35 min easy.  Cool-down: 3*strength circuit: goblet squats, cable lifts in half-kneel, single-legged deadlifts.

Tuesday: Easy run.  Warm-up: 1 mile easy.  2*buttkicks, heel kicks.  2 miles easy.  8*10 sec hill sprints.  Cool-down: AIF.

Wednesday: Fartlek.  Warm-up: 1 mile easy.  2*buttkicks, heel kicks, a-skips, carioca, long skips.  4*strides.  Workout: 10 min easy, 20 min supposed-to-be-fartlek-but-wasn’t-really: 4*(1 min easy-moderate, 4 min moderate).  Cool-down: 7 min easy jog, general strength/mobility cool down routine.

Thursday: A.M. Elliptical: 30 min easy, 2*med ball circuit.  P.M. Swim: Warm-up: 200m freestyle, 100m pull-buoy, 50m kick board.  Workout: 200m alternating 25m hard, 25m easy.  100m pull-buoy taking breaths every 5 strokes.  200m progressive, building every 50m to sprint the last 50m.  Cool-down: 100m breaststroke, standing myrtls in chest-deep H2O.

Friday: A.M. Easy run: Warm-up: 1 mile easy.  2*buttkicks, heel kicks, 1*cross-overs, 2*a-skips.  Workout: 45 min easy. Cool-down: AIF.  P.M.: Strength session: PRI drills, dynamic warm-up.  3*plyo circuit: med ball oblique tosses, med ball overhead throw-downs, single-leg linear hurdle hops.  3*Circuit 1: Chop and lifts in half-kneel with kettle bell, single-legged deadlifts with kettle bells.  2*Circuit 2: Single-legged cable rows, suitcase carries on balance beam with kettle bell.  Sled marches +150 lbs: 8*10m

Saturday: Easy run.  Warm-up: 20 min easy.  Speed development series: Wall drills: load and lifts, marches, single-leg exchanges, double exchanges.  Acceleration marches 2*20y, Acceleration tempo skips 2*20y, 2* long skips, 2*strides.  Workout: 25 min easy.  Cool-down: AIF.

Sunday: Long run.  75 min easy over rolling hills.  AIF

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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