Garlic’s Training Log 3.30.14

Selfie before hitting the treadmill in my Salty tech shirt!

Before I get to my training log…this week I had the amazing opportunity to attend a seminar given by Gray Cook and Lee Burton, two innovators in the fitness industry and the founders of Functional Movement Systems.  It was a 2-day seminar in which I learned all about the Functional Movement Screen (the “FMS”), a movement screening tool meant to detect movement dysfunction and injury risk.  The FMS has gained a lot of traction in the world of professional sports, particularly the NFL and MLB, and is influencing the strength and conditioning programs of many teams.  It is starting to make its way into other disciplines, like running and triathlon; hence my interest in learning how to administer the screen and how to design corrective programs based on the results.  I was totally blown away by the presentations; not only by how deeply the speakers understand human movement, but how passionate they are about helping people improve the quality of their movement in order to function well.  I think this is something all runners should know about, so at some time soon I will write a post with more detailed information about the FMS, but it was such an incredibly inspirational few days for me I had to mention it here.

Anyway, now on to my training log:  It was a week of more base building, a tiny bit of pre-speedwork, and I moved on to the final stage of a strength and mobility progression I have been working on which totally kicked my tushy!

Sunday: 30 min walk on treadmill including 2*3 min @15% incline and 2*5 min easy run.  Calf conditioning, upper body conditioning, medicine ball general strength circuit, core routine, hip girdle work.

Monday: Easy run outside.  6 min easy, form drills, 30 min easy.  Core work, hip girdle work.

Tuesday: Easy run outside.  10 min easy, form drills, 30 min easy.  Leg circuit (tough!!), core work, general strength/mobility circuit (also tough!).

Wednesday: Restorative yoga.  I needed it after yesterday’s strength and conditioning work!

Thursday: Easy run outside.  10 min easy, form/power drills, 25 min easy with last 2 min progressive.  2*straight-leg bounding, 2*bounding, 2*strides.  Core work, hip girdle work.

Friday: Treadmill run.  30 min easy, core work, hip girdle work.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Easy run outside with my husband (yay!  we rarely get to run together, but we had a babysitter for a couple hours so we squeezed in a running date).  6 min easy, form drills, 2 miles easy.  Core work, hip girdle work.


Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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