Garlic’s Training Log 11.2.14

Decent week of training this week, and recovered well from last weekend’s 10K race.  However, the big news of the week is I rented some commercial space and will be setting up a studio for my business, Moms Run Strong.  Setting it up is going to keep me pretty busy for the next couple of months – the space needs a lot of love – but ultimately it will be great, and it’s a big step forward for my little business.

Training-wise, here’s what I did:

Monday: 40 minutes of aqua –long stride cross country.  45 mins. strength training.

Tuesday: 5.75 Miles – 50 minutes easy.

Wednesday: 4 miles (35:04) easy with a minute every 5 minutes at a “plus” pace. Core, hip mobility.

Thursday: 4.5 miles at Skyline Park – drills and strides, then Skyline laps – 4x ½ mile plus over rolling hills at a p.e. of 7.5 (comfortably hard) with a 1 min. jog recovery– 3:21.62, 3:31:35, 3:31.44, 3:26.67. 1 lap warm-down.

Friday: 45 mins. elliptical and 20 min strength

Saturday: 6 miles (50:45) with 2 mins. of each mile at a plus pace. Core, hip mobility.

Sunday:  7 miles.  I had an awful run today.  There were high winds and sleet, which made things tough, plus this kind of stamina run is always a struggle for me.  Here’s what it was supposed to be: 70 minutes or 8 miles – 2.0 miles warm-up, drills, 2×20 sec strides. Then run miles 3 to 5 at a 6:50 – 6:55 pace. Warmdown for 3 miles.  Here’s what actually happened: I ran miles 3 and 4 at 7:00-7:04, which felt like a huge effort, then had to stop and jog for half a mile to collect myself, then ran another mile in 7:05.  Then planned to jog the last 2.5 miles easy but was so cold and soggy I took it in after 1.5 miles, for a total of 7 miles.  Blech.  Sucky workout.


Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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