Garlic’s Training Log 10.12.14

This week I recovered from last week’s race – but it was mostly mental from completely missing my time goals, as physically I didn’t need much recovery.  Coach Cathy and I had a debriefing/strategy session, which was helpful, especially since I feel there has been a lot gained over the past couple months of training, even if my race performance didn’t reflect this.  I’ve certainly gained fitness, and I’ve been tolerating a significant up-tick in training intensity while remaining reasonably healthy – a major accomplishment for me!  We decided on my next races, which will be a 10K in two weeks (run as a strength-run), and then another 5K on December 7th.

One new development in my running life has happened over the past couple of weeks: my almost-1-year-old black lab puppy started running with me, and we both absolutely love it.  I thought I’d have to train him not to stop or pull me, but he seems to be great at it naturally, settling in right at my side and loping along with me with minimal loss of focus.  So far I’ve only taken him on my 1-2 mile warm-ups, or for the first couple miles of my easy runs, but I’m hoping to gradually increase his endurance and have him running 5-6 milers with me by mid-winter.

This is what my training looked like this week:

Monday:  40 min easy aqua, core, hip mobility

Tuesday: 5.5 Miles easy (45:00), 45 min strength

Wednesday: 4.2 miles easy (45:00). Off-road hills at a local park.

Thursday: 6.3 Miles (50:00) – 10 mins. p.e. 5, 10 mins. p.e. 6.5, and then 3 X this set: 5 mins. p.e. of 5, 5 mins. p.e. of 6.5, general strength/mobility circuit

Friday: 4 Miles (32:31) and Strength

Saturday: 40 mins. Aqua

Sunday: 7.4 miles – (60:00) – 6*(5 min easy, 5 min plus pace)

PE (perceived exertion): 5=easy, 6.5=plus pace, 7.5=comfortably hard, 8=hard, 8.5-9=very hard

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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