Friday Five: 5 Silly Songs to Lighten the Mood

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Does this ever happen to you? You’re running along, strong, happy, fearless, Then suddenly, a negative thought slips in:

This is getting hard.

You run a few more minutes and then another negative thought creeps in:

I don’t know about this pace.

Before you know it, negative thoughts are taking over!

Why do I do this at all? This is so stupid. I’m just going to stop. Forever.

Ugh! How did I flip from fearless to fed up in a matter of minutes? Does this ever happen to you? What do you do?

Sing a silly, catchy, song! Not your firstย answer? Well, why not?ย  The rhythm keeps you moving forward and the sheer goofiness leads to relaxation and sometimes even a smile. Particularly, when I find myself singing aloud and other people hear me and give me “crazy-lady” looks. That is definitely worth a smile.

Here are five silly songs to keep in your queue and call up when you are having a rough run.

1. “Soft Kitty” from The Big Bang Theory. I’ve sung this song for miles. Plus is makes me think of kitties and I love kitties.

2. Florence and the Machine “The Dogs Days are Over.” Catchy, silly, and running-related!

Run fast for you mother,
Fast for your father,
Run for your children
For your sisters and brothers

Plus it calls up memories of a friend’s daughter mucking up the lyrics and singing “The dog days are over, the cat days are here.” Refer to #1 for why I find that entertaining.

3. “Mahna Mahna” from The Muppets. Silly noises in a silly song. For when you can’t think straight enough to remember words…

4. “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley. If the Muppets song doesn’t remind you of rocking out to the Oldies as a child, surely this song will! Plus it has a great beat for pepping up your cadence.

5. “Balls in your Mouth” by Jimmy Fallon. This one takes the cake for ridiculousness and always leaves me smiling.

Give theseย catchy and silly tunes a try and you’ll run away from “I want to stop, NOW!”and towards “Wow, this mile is almost done!”

I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Running mostly early am miles as I balance life as the mom of a toddler. With PR days in the past, my primary running goal is to be a lifelong runner. With 20+ years behind me, I still love the sport and I am truly grateful for every day I get to run.

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  1. This is awesome. Also as a distraction, I love translating every random thought I have into French. Since its been 9 years since I practiced French, it’s getting tough!

  2. My little boy likes mahna mahna…it makes me laugh so much. For one race, I put ‘the lonely goatherd’ on my playlist to remind me of him. I was running through Golden Gate Park laughing so hard and no-one had a clue why.