Five People to Invite for a Run

Friday 5You’ve probably heard this question tossed around: “If you could invite five people to a dinner party, living or dead, who would you choose?”

Well, you can get to know people so much better on a run, so why limit yourself to dinner?

If you could invite five people on a run, who would they be?

First let’s lay out some ground rules. These people don’t have to be professional athletes, they can be living or dead, but they must be (or have been) runners in some capacity.

1. Oprah. The queen of the talk show circuit famously ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 1994; her time of 4:29 is now known as “The Oprah Line“. Running aside, I’d want her along for the ride (err, run) for some of that infamously enthusiastic attitude. Feeling down about my splits? You better believe she’d rally with a “You go, girl” speech. Feeling like the run would never end? Who knows, maybe she’d promise me a free car for making it to the end! On a more serious note, Oprah has one amazing life story. Talk about great long run talk fodder!

2. Kathrine Switzer. We’ve mentioned Ms. Switzer here at Salty Running before, but if you need a refresher, in a nutshell, she is the first woman to run the Boston Marathon wearing a bib, plus was a huge force in getting women’s long distance running where it is today. Id love to hear her tales from back when and thoughts on the current state of women’s running. Plus, I’m sure the conversations between her and Oprah would be fascinating!

3. Bobby Flay. I thought about sticking with an all-female roster, but then I saw that Bobby Flay has three New York City Marathons under his belt. He would be responsible for bringing the post-run snacks, obviously.

Ryan Reynolds arrives at the 82nd Academy Awards.
I know running with me is a special occasion, Ryan, but you can leave the tux at home. And the shirt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Kerri Strugg. I’d invite Kerri Strugg along for lessons in how to be bad ass (or hardcore, if you prefer). In the 1996 Olympics, she captured the hearts of the nation when she performed one final vault on her injured ankle, sticking the landing and securing the gold medal for the American team. Now a repeat marathoner, Strugg could provide insight on how to develop mental toughness and really dig deep. And as long as we’re out for a run, I would totally try to get the inside scoop on that cameo she did on Beverly Hills, 90210.

5. Ryan Reynolds. Former People Sexiest Man Alive. (Or do they retain the title, like the President? Anyone?) Marathoner who raised funds for Parkinson’s research. Great sport about Tim Reid’s Beating Ryan Reynolds marathon mission. Rescuer of puppies. Are you swooning yet? Ryan and I would need to run together on a very hot day, for obvious reasons.

Now it’s your turn: if you could invite five people for a run, who would they be?

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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  1. I guess it comes down to inspirations. Id like my kids with me do they have a role model, and these are the things they remember in the future.

    then id have some good friends who id admire. That’s it really, I’m happy with that and don’t aspire personally to have anyone famous with me

    1. Hi Shaun, thanks for commenting! I think if I could really pick any five people in the world to join me on a run, the list may look a bit different: my old HS coach, my late grandpa, faraway friends, etc. I tried to keep this pretty light and silly in the spirit of our Friday 5 posts. I think no matter what, I’d still include K. Switzer!

      1. lol… Im more simple than that 😉 funny how were only really bothered about those who matter most though 🙂