Eucalyptus’ Training Log 4.5.14

This week was really not that exciting training-wise. After my 10k on Saturday, my legs were pretty much dead and didn’t really recover until much later in the week. Since we didn’t have a meet this week, I did a lot of rehab for my calves (I did exercises Tuesday-Friday), lifting, and our workouts were a little bit harder.

Sunday: OFF

Monday: 45 minute run, abs, lifting. I was supposed to go an hour, but my legs just could not do it.

Tuesday: The infamous ‘Rocking Chair’ workout. On our cross country course, we have a hill that begins with a very steep downhill, followed bu an incline and some flat surface…then you turn around, and get ย a sudden downhill, a steep uphill, and another mini steep uphill, for an 800m hill repeat. We did a 15 minute warmup, 10×800 hills, 10 minute cooldown.

Wednesday: Aquajogging (easy for around 45 minutes), abs, lifting.

Thursday: Track workout! I did four sets, for a total of 7200 meters, of 1×1000, 2×400 at 10K pace. We started with a 20 minute warmup and 10 minute cooldown.

Friday: 45 minutes easy, drills, lifting, abs.

Saturday: OFF. I would have run today, but we had the philosophy conference from 9AM-8PM, and running just did not seem too fun before or after.

Former collegiate coffee-fueled distance runner who loves track workouts.

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