Dill’s Training Log: May 16th thru May 22nd.

Something amazing happened this week… something that never ever ever happens… I ran all of my runs outside!  Yes, not even one quarter mile run on my trusty treadmill.  I’m not sure how the stars aligned to make this happen, but it was a good week.

IMG_4753 2
Photo and outfit courtesy of Ellie age 3. I did kind of feel like a super hero on my long run this week, so the cape works… not sure about the dress though!

Monday: accumulator – 10 rounds of crazy exercises

Tuesday: I signed up for a 30 minute leg class and a 30 minute pilates mat class.  Traffic out of downtown was light enough that I got to the workout studio a little early.  By the time I laced my shoes I had 28 minutes to run as far as I could.  It was supposed to be an easy run, but when you’re up against the clock, you tend to run a little faster.  I got 3.71 miles in, went to my classes and ran 3.3 more miles to get my 7 in.

Wednesday: Met my friends at 5:20 a.m to do some hill repeats. 2 mile warm up with 6 hill repeats and cooled down till 6 miles total.  We should have started earlier, we ran out of time to get the full workout in.  Also, something was wrong with the sewers or someone was emptying a septic tank because the longer we ran the longer the air around us smelled like poop.  It was disgusting.

Thursday: rest day

Friday: I knew I would be spending most of my weekend at the ice rink for my daughter’s ice show.  My friend asked if I could run long on Friday instead, so we started out at 12:30 in the afternoon.  It was high 60’s and partly cloudy when we started. By the time we finished it was full sun and in the 70’s. (aka very hot this time of year)  We ran two loops starting from my house and circling back to get water.  When we were done I ate half a popsicle and decided to head out for two more solo miles.  The popsicle had cooled my core temp down quite a bit and I decided to go for 3 more miles making it 16 for the day with the final 3 miles being my fastest of the day.  I made the mistake of not wearing sunblock again.  Yes it was overcast at the start, but I burnt myself pretty good again.  I’m upset with myself for letting this happen again and really need to work on making sunblock part of my daily routine.


Saturday: 5 mile recovery run. I felt like hell until mile 4.46.  This was one of those runs where you begin to seriously doubt your ability to run at all!  I should have just worn my watch and run for time so that I couldn’t worry about pace or mileage.

Sunday: Joined my neighbor for a very warm yet very enjoyable 7 mile run.  Fortunately a friend of ours was home and we were able to get some mid run cold water from her.

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  1. Hahahah Dill, you always make me laugh! I had an extremely hellish 5 mile run today too. It took 48 minutes and felt like 3 hours. Stay dedicated to that sunblock! #teamSPF