Dill’s Training Log July 16th 2017

Rafting in Montana after a tough hot race.

I’ve decided if we can have Christmas in July, then I can have New Year’s in July.  It’s been a weird year and a half.  I’ve written about dealing with my mom’s sickness and passing.  I’ve written about cramming 6 marathons in 8 months.  I’ve written about reinventing my running and making different goals.  I’ve trained with out really following a plan, and with out tracking miles.  I’ve teetered between burn out and lack of training.  I’ve finally hit a place where I don’t like where I am.  I’m running slow, I’ve gained weight, my nutrition is terrible, my IPA in take is too high, my sleep is not great.  I guess I’ve hit my low point and I’m ready for a fresh start.  I’ve started meditating at night to help me sleep and to help with anxiety I’ve been having. I took it easy this week, cleaned up my nutrition a bit – but still hit up some breweries and ate some crap… but next week is a fresh start and so here we are at Dill’s New Year’s in July!

Sunday :  Missoula marathon.  Ran over 4 hours again.  It was hot, the sun was intense and I was struggling by mile 4.  Gutted it out, state #30 complete.

Monday: White water rafting in Montana and self guided brewery tour

Tuesday: Travel day

Wednesday: Itching to get started on my better life style, but still needing some time off from running, I hit the pool again for the fist time.  Swam a mile and it was tough, but felt good. I will definately start incorporating swimming back into my routine

Thursday night:  weight workout at home… little bit of everything

Friday: easy 5  miles on treadmill. Amazing billy Joel concert that night

Saturday: slept in, went blue berry picking, ate Mexican and ice cream… could have been worse

Sunday: Met a friend for 6 easy miles, family bike ride to a local festival and a visit to edgewater beach.

Fun family bike ride in the #CLE

The plan for new week is to swim, do some yoga, take some classes at the gym, a little bit of easy running, and trying not to eat out too much.  The focus is getting back to basics and making the small changes that can make the biggest impacts. Happy Running New Year!

I'm a running mom of two little girls, who is busy balancing life, work and marathon training. It's always training season for me because I'm on a quest to run a marathon in every state, while constantly striving to be the best runner I can be. Running has led me to some great adventures and I always have a good story to share!

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  1. Happy New Year to you! I totally have these times where I sit back, take a minute, and try to refocus on things that are really going to bring me joy- like that awesome family bike ride. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan going forward- and wow, a marathon in the heat! Whew!

  2. I love this because it’s always good to see someone make changes at anytime instead of waiting for a real new year or something like that. You have certainly had a lot going on, and that would be more than enough to throw anyone off their game. Cheers to your new running year!!