Dill’s Training Log 01/16 thru 01/22

A quick family run was the motivation I needed today!


Hello Salties.  Hot Mess Express Dill at your service.  This week was a rough week to put it mildly.  On Tuesday I was on the way to take my mom to a Dr. appointment when my sister called to tell my that Grandpa  was on his last breaths.  I sat with my mom and waited till we got the call that Grandpa had passed.  He was 96 years old and in the past few years he suffered from dementia, so it wasn’t a particularly shocking passing.  However, he was still a person in my life that I loved who is gone.  As we were cleaning out some of his furniture it hit me that I was much sadder about his passing than I was admitting to myself.  That night I took a couple of classes at the gym and did speedwork on the treadmill til 11 pm.  I figured it would be best to wear myself out completely so that I had a shot at sleeping that night.

On Wednesday my husband was traveling and Addy had a ton of homework to get done after work and before bedtime.  I wasn’t able to get on the treadmill til 9 pm despite my best efforts.  I knew that it would be tough to get my runs in the rest of the week so I forced myself to run 6 miles.  Thursday was a wash.  I was too tired to hop on the treadmill before work and too tired when we got home from the funeral home.

Grandpa’s actual funeral was Friday and shortly after we got home from that I received the news that there is nothing more the doctors can do for my mom.  They were sending her home and hospice would be over the next day.  I put my youngest daughter down for a nap and laid there just feeling sad.  When I finally decided that a run might help me get some of my emotions out, I had about 35-40 minutes to run.  I listened to my own advice and hopped on the treadmill, figuring a short run was better than no run.  I did a 2 mile warm up and than part of a tempo work out.  I called a quits at 4.5 miles because I was out of time.  It was better than nothing and made me feel a bit better.

Saturday morning I met Amie, Salty and my friend Eva for my long run.  I felt sluggish and my Garmin was being weird.  I stopped at one point to cry for a few minutes, but I was able to get my 16 miles in.  I always struggle to run on Sunday’s when I do my long run on Saturday.  I was 65 degrees out and I knew I needed to get out an enjoy it.  I asked Addy if she wanted to go for a run and both she and her little sister jumped at the chance.  They held hands and giggled the entire .4 miles up to the playground where I ran some laps and we ran home.  I dropped my family off and headed out to finish up my run.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: trx/ride class, yobata class and 6 by 800s with 400 m between 2 up and 1.5 cool down  for 8 total

Wednesday: 6 miles treadmill

Thursday: rests

Friday: 4.5 mile tempo

Saturday: 16

Sunday: 6.16 miles including family fun run

I'm a running mom of two little girls, who is busy balancing life, work and marathon training. It's always training season for me because I'm on a quest to run a marathon in every state, while constantly striving to be the best runner I can be. Running has led me to some great adventures and I always have a good story to share!

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  1. These photos are so adorable and I admire how you’re able to keep smiling and loving and having fun and taking care of yourself despite the pain. I love you so much and completely inspired by you. Hang in there!