Dandelion’s Training Log – 6.14.15

So, with a cross country vacation starting – tomorrow!- i decided to ramp up the miles a bit this week knowing that I would more than  likely prioritize FUN over anything exercise related. Though I may count a second trip to the wedding cupcake bar as cross training. I’m very much looking forward to getting out of dodge, and spending time with my family celebrating, and being reminded just how beautiful this country we live in really is.

Monday 6.8.15 – 6 miles, easy. I plugged in a podcast.

Tuesday – OFF. Well maybe I can count this as a cross train day. I went to Busch Gardens. Between coasters with no lines, the company of five amazing girls and a soft pretzel the size of my head, it was, in a word, Awesome. We walked the park, from one end to another, in blazing heat. I ate fried pickles and lost my voice. I got spun, dunked, flipped and soaked. It was the best way to kick off summer. Oh and if you are one of those people that wins the stuffed animals the size of Texas, I made fun of  you.

Wednesday – 9 miles (w 8@MP- 7:55). So having not done a marathon in, oh a DECADE! I am still wavering on a race pace to hone in on. Hopefully after a few more weeks of long runs and these tempo runs, it will all become clear to me.

Thursday- 8 miles, easy. Well, truth be told, it wasnt easy. I felt like I was running on the surface of the sun. Its that time of year when we get shocked with the high temps and even higher humidity. Its these days when you come home and that first step inside your house is, without a doubt, the best feeling ever. Well maybe second to the feeling of laying on your cold tile kitchen floor (you guys do that too, right?)

Friday – 8.5 miles total. I coach a HS cross country team and summer practices are starting. It’s something that I love, these kids are really great and its awesome to be able to connect with them and see them grow. I only did about 2 miles with them, being the coach I get to relax and tell them to run, jump, drill, and run some more! Later in the day I did 5*5 min at 6:40 pace. I still want to keep these at a “not dying/talkable- or in my case sing along to ipod” effort – as I work my way back into this whole running all the time situation.

Saturday – Spin Class. I should be running some easy miles today, but I legit love this class. It gets me up on a weekend and that, my friends, is a pretty big deal! I ran a few easy miles later in the day, so lets call it 5 miles. Can I do that, count riding as running miles?  Um yes, its my log, so yes I can.

Sunday – 15 miles (@8:45) Right now I’m not too worried about pace on these long runs. I really want to get a few under my belt before I start to add in some race pace miles. Its been, well since George W was in office that I have run over 13.1 miles. So I want to not get hurt and more realistically, not get cocky that I can just dial up the numbers and it will all be ok. Just one detail on this run, it was disgusting. Wring out your shoes, chafing in odd places, soaked to the bone, disgusting.

So over all thoughts for the week. Yes, ok, its not super high miles as many others would hit on peak weeks. But I guess for me, five weeks into the marathon plan bumping up close to 50 is a good week.

I’m a transplanted Pennsylvanian who is now running south of the Mason Dixon. I am peeling away my triathlete costume to reveal the single sport athlete who has been jonesing to fly again, by training for my first marathon in about a decade. I always bring dessert to parties, I schedule my fall life around football, I've climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and run miles on 5 continents. I’m hoping my Garmin will help me to navigate life's newest twists and turns and that you will come along on this adventure!

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