Coriander’s Training Log: 6.9.13

Only a few more days until my race! I can’t believe race week is already here!

But first, I have two weeks of taper training logs to catch up on:

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: 6 miles trails. I met up with my friend Kirsten to run our usual loop around North Chagrin after work. It was warm and stormed a little, but so nice to go watchless and run with a good friend.

Wednesday: 5 miles roads. I got up early to do a short road run and then spend the rest of the day with my boyfriend who left for Army training the next day.

Thursday: Rest! Boyfriend left in the morning before I went to work and I was just tired/emotionally drained after work. I’m tapering anyway!

Friday: 10 miles trails. I ran a nice, slow trail run at North Chagrin by myself in 2:07. Slower than I’d normally like, but my mind was everywhere.

Saturday: 11 miles roads. I closed at work so got up in the morning to run roads before it got too hot outside. It was a really interesting run too, I got hit on a few times by passing drivers, saw a kid being punished by his mom for stealing (she made him hold up a sign on a busy street corner that said, “I will not steal. Please honk to teach me a lesson.”) and almost got hit by a kid taking his driver’s test that didn’t use a turn signal.

Sunday: 3.1 miles roads. I ran the annual Race for the Place 5K that starts and ends at the mall where I work. I’ve always had to work that day, but this year, my manager let me run before my shift. I wasn’t expecting much, I just wanted to take it easy. Well, taking it easy meant I ran a 23:11 (one second slower than my PR!) and second place in my age group!

Total: 35 miles.

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: 5 miles roads. Squeezed in a quick five miles before work and wished I had time for more.

Wednesday: 10.5 miles. I ran/hiked 7.5 miles of trails in the morning with a friend and made it back to my Wednesday night running group for a short 3.2 mile run that evening.

Thursday: 5.5 miles trails. I got up early and met my friend Sandra at North Chagrin to run before she went to work. It rained almost the entire time.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 12 miles trails. It was my final double-digit run before the 100! I chose to run the trails alone so I could have some alone time and I really needed it. It felt great to be alone.

Sunday: 6 miles roads. I got up early and did my last Sunday run on my usual “before work” loop. I really wished I could have kept going at the end.

Total: 39 miles. I only have three more short runs left and a four more days of work until I leave for Mohican on Friday. I can’t wait to get through this week and on the trails this weekend!

Trail and 100 mile ultra runner who still loves a good road marathon every now and then. Lifetime Northeast Ohio resident that dreams of the mountains out west, but loves CLE too much. Sometimes a vegan, sometimes does yoga, always loves a good craft beer and post race donuts.

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