Coriander’s Training Log: 3.23.14

Ugh, another week, another late training log! I was off work all of last week (been with the company for almost 5 years = random staycations) and slept in, watched a lot of the Today Show and reality TV and cleaned and cooked dinner. I also started 100 mile training! Yay! I guess technically, I’m always training for that, but I’m spending more time on the trails and my coach has me doing long runs for time instead of miles.

Last week started out well (weather wise) and Tuesday I was doing speed work in shorts and a short sleeve top and Sunday, I was back in tights and a thermal top! So annoying!

Monday: off. Did some yoga and stretching.
Tuesday: Strides workout: 25 min warmup, 12×25 sec: most strides were between 7:03 and 7:38 pace, 25 min cool down. Loved this workout! I never felt like I was running too fast at all and it kinda flew by. And I was happy with the warm weather and sunshine.
Wednesday: 4 miles, 39:10. I got a free entry for a casual trail race series that goes the next few Wednesday nights. The trails were a little icy in spots, but mostly mud. I didn’t know anyone and I went out kinda easy and was with the lead men. When we hit an icy spot, I let them go and just ran a steady pace and was able to run the last mile a little harder since it was mostly downhill. I fell twice! Once on the ice and once in the mud. The first time really sucked, I cut my left knee and banged the right one pretty hard.
Thursday: 5.25 mi, 45 min. I thought I was OK from the fall, but I wasn’t. The knee I cut was fine, but the other really hurt, so I had to cut this one short. And then I freaked out that I was injured and my year was over.
Friday: off day to rest the knee.
Saturday: 2 hrs, 5 min, 11ish miles of trails with my buddy, Erin. The knee felt fine except at one point when I stepped weird in the mud. We had a really good run and we kept a decent pace except for the really muddy or icy spots.
Sunday: 1 hr, 5ish miles. I ran with some old friends that I ran with when I started trail running. We ran a nice easy pace and it was good to catch up.
Only two and a half weeks left till my next 50K!

Trail and 100 mile ultra runner who still loves a good road marathon every now and then. Lifetime Northeast Ohio resident that dreams of the mountains out west, but loves CLE too much. Sometimes a vegan, sometimes does yoga, always loves a good craft beer and post race donuts.

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