Coriander’s Training Log: 2.16.14 & 2.23.14

I am such a training log slacker! My last two weeks of heavy training for my next 50K went really, super duper well. I’m feeling great going into this race and I’ve gotten a lot of great training runs in. That being said though, my mind is constantly on my 100 milers this year. I have lots of big things coming this year and I’m trying to focus on one run, one race at a time.

Banana on Pancake
I really, really do miss my favorite post-long run food! Still looking for a good gluten-free pancake recipe! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In other news, though the past few weeks have been great running wise, other things haven’t. I’ve never really mentioned it much, but I’ve constantly struggled with fatigue and more recently, stomach issues (especially after running and working out). So (with some medical advice), I’ve taken gluten out of my diet. It’s going to take a while for the fatigue apparently, but the stomach issues have been cleared up. At first, it was hard for me to remember that I couldn’t eat the same bread or snacks my live-in boyfriend eats, but I’ve enjoyed challenging myself with new recipes and found decent substitutes to some of my favorite products. I’m hoping that long-term, this will have a much more significant and positive impact on my training.

So here’s how the past two weeks went!

Two weeks ago:
Monday: off/Pure Barre.
Tuesday: 60 min/6.25 mi on the treadmill. It’s so cold on Tuesdays! I picked the random option on the treadmill so it would put incline changes in there and I could zone out. I did it on like level 10 or something (the option was 1-20) and it was really tough!
Wednesday: am: Pure Barre. pm: 30 min warmup, 6 mi at 8:59, 30 min cool down, 12 mi total. My friend, Erin, did the middle 8 with me and we picked the clearest roads we could, which meant an out and back, with the back pretty much all uphill.
Thursday: 50 min/5 mi.
Friday: off.
Saturday: 21 mi/3:32. It freaking snowed the entire time I ran. It tapered off closer to the end, but the roads were slippery and slow going for the first half. I ran alone from my house and tried to pick a route with some hills. I got a late start and had to go to work at 1 pm, so I had to pick up the pace for the last few miles and ran the final mile in 8:40! Not usually a big deal, but with the snow, it was tough.
Sunday: 70 min/7ish miles. I ran way more than I should have. I met up with my pacer, Brandon, and one of his friends to run an easy 5ish mile loop. The snow was pretty packed down and we had fun, it was nice to catch up. After the loop, we decided to do a little short loop across the street from the trailhead.
Last week:
Monday: off/Pure Barre.
My #runnerselfie of the week!
My #runnerselfie of the week!

Tuesday: 18 min warmup (not on purpose, I hit the lap button by accident), 8×2 min at 8:30 average, 20 min cool down. It snowed overnight Monday/most of Tuesday, so most intervals were not equal because of how the roads were plowed. I wanted to do a more challenging route as well, but stuck to the side roads instead of the main ones with unplowed sidewalks :/ This snow is getting really old. The bright side of the weather on Tuesday? Since I ran after work, it was warm enough to not have to wear tights and a coat to run in!

Wednesday: 60 min/6.4 mi. It was so warm!!! I ran in shorts and a long sleeve and even had to stop and roll my sleeves up! I got the hills in on this one and ran down to a park by my house, then turned around at 3 miles and went home, with a little detour.
Thursday: 73 min/7.56 mi. I met Erin at 5 am and we did a weird route of out and backs and short loops. Because the snow melted during the day Wednesday and below freezing overnight temps, there was ice everywhere. Overall it was good and nice to get done before work.
Friday: off.
Saturday: 18 mi/2:42:19. Did the first 4 easy at 10:26 average, 7 miles in 1:03 at 9 min average with a friend I trained with for the 100 last year and then last 7 in 58 min, 8:14 average. OK, so I totally ran ย faster than I should have, but I felt really good and wanted to test how the last bit of the race was going to feel on the last few hills. Never felt like I was pushing myself too hard at all and I felt really comfortable on that last stretch, so I’m super excited for that. I also got to wear shorts. Bonus!
Sunday: off/75 min yoga class.
My first ultra of the year is in less than two weeks! Can’t wait to finally start the racing season!
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  1. Welcome to the world of gluten free eating! My 8 year old was diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago and as a result the rest of us eat very little gluten. I always make sure to completely avoid it a couple of weeks before a race. It takes a while but eventually you find you just don’t really want gluten anymore. The thought of eating a regular pizza actually kind of turns my stomach now and I particularly avoid any kind of wheat pasta. As for pancakes, we use Wild Roots Ancient Grain pancake and waffle mix. We get it at Costco.